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Dreams Every Night

There have been a number of people shocked when I tell them I have had dreams every night since I can remember. The normal amount is 1 to 2 a week so is there something different about my mind? I have had every sort of dream; nightmare, night terrors, happy dreams, confusing dreams, different time frames and all different places. Things have happened in my dreams that people say shouldn't happen like seeing a perfect reflection of yourself, smelling the earth and grass while dreaming, dream within dreams (falling asleep in the dream, dreaming again and waking back up into the first one), I have felt different textures like water going down my throat but not quenching my thirst, the rough cotton of someones shirt, the cool metal of a gun, it goes on. I've monitored my stress and emotional levels before I sleep and I could be super stressed, super happy or anywhere in between and I'll still dream. The usual dream equations like "If you are naked you are embarrassed about something" don't apply to me, I've been naked in a dream and shrugged it off, suddenly I had clothes again. I have been trapped in a box which usually symbolizes fear, frustration and anxiety and yet that day was filled with good memories. I look forward to dreaming, to leaving this world for another one every night, to learning new things about myself and everything else as it flashes before my eyes. I do not know what to make of it all but I live two lives everyday and I love it.

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Re: Dreams Every Night

Everybody dreams every night. I would be shocked if you didn't dream. The science is conclusive we go in and out of REM sleep several time a night. This is when we usually dream.

As for having nightmares, night terrors means there are psychological issues you have not resolved in your life. Night terrors could also point to neurological reasons as well. The primary function of dreams is to help resolve these emotional/psychological issues.

Dreams are a reflection of your 'true self'. Whereas waking consciousness has an ego bias/perception dreams lack this bias and show things as they really are emotionally. Dreams use a language of symbol and metaphor so the images/actions in dreams are reflecting aspects about the dreamer using this language {the house is you}. Being naked in a dream can represent several different things so the embarrassment representation may not apply {see Nudity in the MDS Dream Dictionary}. Clothes often represent your persona, the way you see yourself, the way you wish others to see you; your attitudes. If you are naked one moment and then have clothes on the next it may indicate you are covering up something about yourself, an attitude, an emotional issues you do not wish to acknowledge, etc. {it could represent other things also}.

We all live in two worlds. The conscious world and the unconscious. But you don't have to be asleep to have the unconscious world show itself. Early life experiences/influences that were the foundations for who you are now, your personality and attitudes are motivators for how to feel, act and think as an adult. Dreams attempt to reveal those issues that are out of balance, that are in conflict so to help you realize they exist and you will take actions to correct them. If you don't the unconscious energies will continue to influence your conscious life. This is science, psychology. No questions about what i have stated.


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