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stuck in the ice

Hello! I recently had a strange dream. In the dream I was on frozen ice with this man Joey who I'm in love with. I was also with some of his friends. I fell through the ice and was drowning and Joey tried to save me. He did so by tying a rope to a bottle of crown royal and throwing it at me. It fell off the rope and hit me in the head. I was dizzy and falling out of consciousness and saw him and his friends laughing as I went down under the ice. I keep thinking "why didn't he just use the rope to help me." this has been bugging me for like a week. Does this mean anything?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 18/female/Pennsylvania

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Re: stuck in the ice

This is a very revealing dream to do with projection issues. Read my interpretation of the images/actions and you will understand what I mean.

Interpretation of images/actions
frozen ice-aspects that have been rejected/suppressed/lacking flow of ideas/emotionally paralyzed
-man-masculine associations
-Joey-actual person/aspects you identify with he possesses
-with him/friends-aspects he possesses you reject
-fell through ice-emotions are threatening to come crashing through
-drowning-overwhelmed by repressed emotions/issues
-Joey tried to save me-Joey as your 'rescuer'
-tying rope bottle Crown Royal-holding attachment issues together by pushing true feelings inside/hiding feelings so to control negative issues
-throwing at me-projecting repressed aspects
-feel off rope-letting attachment issues go
-hit me in head-unexpressed anger/keep your negative feelings inside
-dizzy/falling out of consciousness-confusion/failing to recognize unconscious aspects
-saw him/friends laughing-releasing/projecting rejected aspects onto Joey
-went down under the ice-under the control of unconscious aspects {not objectively thinking}
-why didn't he use rope to help me-thinking {unconsciously} by projecting negative issues onto Joey as someone who will 'save' you {will remove issues}

My understanding of the images/actions is you are projecting negative aspects/emotions onto Joey? You see him as a 'rescuer', saving you from negative emotional experiences from earlier life. You are letting these unconscious aspects/energies control your conscious thinking. If this is true then Joey is a 'replacement' for acceptance/love not received in earlier life {childhood}. This would likely point to your father. What was that relationship like?

Going back to your Selena Gomez dream there may be associations to her experience from the 'abusive' relationship with Justin Bieber. But more than that it may point to aspects of her personality you share with her {maturity/life experiences being an issue?}.

Going back to your Mother Dying/getting attacked dream I see associations in that dream that point to childhood experiences {I did not analyze this dream because you did not respond to the Selena Gomez dream}. All these dreams point to hidden/repressed emotions which need to be resolved. If my analyze of this dream is correct then you may be starting relationships because of unconscious motivating energies {seeking s rescuer to replace something from childhood}. If this is true then you will likely enter into relationships that are doomed to fail or/and may be abusive. Was your mother in an abusive relationship?

I do expect a response {and not just a hello, thank you}. I spend a lot of time and effort in analyzing a dream and the least I could get in return is a response. Also be truthful. The unconscious dream is your true self and where there are repressed issues as I see in this dream then you need to confront them and resolve them. Your dreams point to a personality that is vulnerable to unconscious stimulus.You are not consciously aware of the issues but when pointed out you may recognize the truth in that. Being truthful helps you, a release of what is hidden hopefully the first step in recognizing/resolving the issues.


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Re: stuck in the ice

I think that is spot on. I do have a bad relationship with my father (he's cut me off completely.) and I do see Joey as my savior. I pretty much look to him every time something bad happens and I expect him to save me. I think I am seeking someone to rescue me since I was not protected by my father in my childhood.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 18/female/Pennsylvania

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} yes, Sep 2, 2014

How Did You Find the Dream Forum? google

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