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Making love/intercourse to karate classmate

I had dreams of her for years and they always were of us being intimately together without us being nasty or bitter like we are towards each other in real life. She knows I like her but she's honestly really not cool with it.

Not too long ago, I had a dream where she and I were intimately making out and having intercourse in a very passionate and intimate way. It felt completely right and correct and not grotesque or perverse in any form or way.

I don't know if it's spiritual, but I know that I ended up coming and having a complete change in the way I think and do things in life not too long ago, and I think it might kind of be because of that as to why I came and dreamt of her.

Usually dreams like this means coming to alignment with something of yourself and with someone else. I'm honestly kind of hoping its something along the lines of what was literal, as I still care and think of her.

What does anyone else think?

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Re: Making love/intercourse to karate classmate

No doubt there are elements of 'wishing thinking' involved with the dream {Freudian}. Your literal feelings for 'her' would point to the intimacy {not necessarily sexual} you desire in the relationship. But I agree the dream is more likely focused on the deeper aspects. The 'her' would also represent your own feminine self. The intimate love making would represent an integration of opposites which would be a spiritual as well as psychological coming together of the 'integral' parts of your psyche. The fact you have had a complete change in the way you think would support this {your dreams are reflecting your true self at the time of the dream}. There may also have been a recent change in your thinking or approach to the relationship, or a realization there does need to be one.

Below is how I interpreted the images ad actions. Because you posted the dream with generic form {calling her her} would suggest even more the dream is addressing deeper issues. Also consider and look to other aspects that may have been integrated {become known and actions of change}. Deep emotional aspects related to personality and emotional energies from early life may be involved {and usually are}. Either way what has occurred was 'right and correct' since feelings from a dream are as important as the dream images and actions.

Interpretation of Images/Actions

-she and I-integration of opposites
-intimately making love-the '*natural' psychological completion and the integration of contrasting aspects of the Self
-having intercourse in passionate/intimate way-strong communication of merging self and Self
-felt right/correct-correct emotional energies/correct and right actions {law of Karma?}

* Jung tells us that we are 'naturally' meant to be whole


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