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Dreamt I was a Gay Man

Last night I've dreamt I was a gay man. However, I am a female. The dream started off with me going to a psychick, and she told me that I need to admit to myself that I'm attracted to men(which I already am in real life...). After that, the dream continued with me walking through my hometown and looking at some guys I used to hang out earlier and trying to make myself like them. After that, I went home and I told my mother that I was gay, and she started yelling and crying, whioch was really strange, because I don't think that she would have reacted that way if something like that happened in real life. Than I told my father, who was surpsrisingly calm about it and even asked me to take me to a gay bar if I feel comfortable, which was really weird. And that's all that I remember.

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Re: Dreamt I was a Gay Man

This dream probably is addressing two issues. They would have to do with issues of masculine realtionships caused by an underdeveloped animus both caused from a lack of proper male guidance/relationship in childhood. A possibility it addressing issues to do with the relationship with your father. On one hand you may be lacking positive masculine qualities that would be beneficial in your life. The other would be from experiences to do with your father in early life that have caused unconscious psychological patterns/tendencies within you. They could be because of 'learned' experiences from early life {what we unconsciously learn from experiences}, you are 'duplicating' those experiences {which could have to do with your father} in your current life.

Also, a good probability there was a recent event/experience related to this which would have stimulated the dream. The patterns you 'unconsciously' learned in early life would be coming into conscious experiences in the present time.

The part of the dream to do with your mother may be telling you something important and related to animus issues. The dream states {about you being a gay man} she yelled and cried. It may be the symbolic meaning also has a literal application in your mother is 'symbolically' crying because you have inherited or are displaying the same experiences as herself. That would go to her relationship with your father/her husband. What was that relationship like and what issues are there that you may be duplicating? What the dream could be saying is you are 'unconsciously' attracted to the same type person/personality as your father without your knowing it. You are 'attracted to men' while possessing an underdeveloped animus {this is the inner male, you as a male}. Your father {in the dream} asking you to go to a gay bar would represent the unconscious associating with his qualities and your tendencies toward that. The tendencies would be what you would need to feel comfortable with {unconsciously speaking} since those experiences in early life are what you grew up with.

There are many examples of what an undeveloped/underdeveloped animus can cause. Lacking a proper relationship with a male/father in early life can lead to not possessing proper masculine qualities essential for a strong personality, affect self confidence, could cause feelings of worthlessness and despair. It could also possibly cause a woman to enter into relationships with an authoritarian father figure or an abusive partner {is your father one or both of these?}. What is lacking in the woman's psyche is compensated in relationships with these type men.

Exactly what issues and message the dream is trying to communicate only you can know and will need a deeper examination. Future dreams will likely expound on those aspects. I can see only the outline of the issues and although I can provide good possibilities only you can know the specifics. I am not a psychic {the few who truly are are few, most are fakes}, I am psyche {I have an intuitive ability to read emotional patterns}. Take what I have provided and examine how they would fit within your life, the relationship and personality of your father and what recent experiences could be related to those.

Here are my interpretation of the images/actions from your dream to help you understand their symbolic meaning {dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor}.

-gay man-a need to integrate or develop masculine aspects
-psychic-seeking to understand unknown aspects about yourself/a lack of control in the direction of your life or an aspect about yourself
-need to admit an attraction to men-need to acknowledge an animus/masculine aspect, likely an undeveloped aspect
-walking through hometown-exploring unexpressed emotions developed during early life
-guys used to hang with/make myself like them-duplicating masculine aspects from your past to create new qualities
-went home-being your true self
-told my mother I was gay-recognizing nurturing {mother} aspects related to masculine integration
-she started yelling/crying-repressed emotions related to nurturing that need to be released
-mother reacting differently-nurturing aspects different from what are real in your life
-told my father-recognizing issues related to authority figures/issues related to father
-asked to go to gay bar-questions about aspects left {out} from undeveloped masculine aspects


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