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Dream of friend having feelings for me?

I had this dream the other night and it’s been in my head since. In the dream my friend randomly calls me saying “hey I’m coming to pick you up” so I’m thinking we’re going to hang out but then she takes me to her house and her mom, dad and sister are sitting at the table waiting for us. I feel confused because I’m not sure what’s going on but my friend and I both sit down with her family and she says she’s bisexual and I’m her girlfriend. I didn’t know how to react because I know her dad and sister do not approve of gay people and neither does my own family. But oddly enough in my dream everyone in her family accepts her and I but to me we are friends and I felt uncomfortable so I walk out and call another friend to get me. My friend didn't want me to leave and asks me to stay and says she'll take me home but I refuse and I leave once my other friend arrives. I woke up after that.
I haven’t looked at my friend as someone I’d date but I have felt she may have feelings but I’m not sure. We do have a lot in common and we are close friends. To clarify I am also bisexual.
I have had other dreams about this friend like once she was raped and I was angry and wanted to protect her and another was of me walking out on her which was random. And I have told her about my dreams, sometimes we talk about our dreams to each other.

I know this is a lot but I've been thinking about this dream for the past few days...

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Re: Dream of friend having feelings for me?

With most dreams I interpret {and list} the images and actions in the dream but with your dream I see the message as one not needing this. I believe the title of the dream states what the message is about and interpreting it lays the ground for what that message is.
Friend of having feelings for me

The friend is you {all images are in some aspect you or related to aspects of you}. You are both yourself and your friend. You have feelings for yourself. The question is 'what are these feelings'?

If you substitute the girl as being you then the rest of the dream will fall into place. You identify with qualities she possesses as well as have feelings toward her, thus you have the same feelings toward yourself. The experiences of her are your 'wishful' experiences and feelings. She and the actions represent positive feelings you are wishing for your self {this dream is very much a Freudian 'wish fulfillment' dream}, feelings that if true would 'come and pick you up' in a positive way {the friend image is also a metaphor for positive aspects within yourself}. Your actual conscious thinking/conscious experiences are opposite of what you are wishing for/wanting {the reason for the dream-it is addressing an emotional conflict}. This is stated in your dream post, "her dad and sister do not approve of gay people and neither does my own family."
Note: I do wonder about how 'the' mother feels since you only posted her father and sister do not approve.

"So I'm thinking". This is the conscious self, thinking self. But she {your true self/feelings} takes you to 'her house' and 'her mom, dad and sister'. These family members are accepting of her and her sexuality. The confusion is your confusion {about yourself or/and your situation with your family}. This is the conflict that needs resolution, a conflict with family as well as within yourself {your inner family} about your sexuality. Being gay {homosexuality} is symbolic of representing a union with aspects of yourself/within yourself. As usual for all dreams there are two meanings/applications for these images/actions.

The issue involving accepting yourself. "But to me we are friends", a positive aspect of who you really are but perhaps not a total acceptance of it. You are still uncomfortable with some aspect of yourself {sexuality likely, other aspects possible}. You are 'walking out' on the total acceptance of some aspect of yourself. There is another friend who is involved {not named so I assumed not a real person}. Who is this friend? I can't state for sure since the dream lacks any elaboration on 'her' involvement.

The other friend may be a part of yourself that wants to adhere to values instilled early in life {these early life experiences are always a factor in your life}. Because you grew up with a family that does not accept gays your psyche is influenced by that and may be a part of the confusion you are trying to sort through {another aspect of the emotional conflict}. Your true self, your other friend {the actual bisexual girl you identify with} doesn't want to leave/give up your true identity {bi-sexual} but because of early life experiences and a desire for unity within your family you have another friend to pick you up. There seems to be a choice involved. Leaving one aspect for another. Confusion, conflict. Which way do you turn? Let's examine that in the last part of the dream {which often provides 'clues' to a possible solution {without stating a factual solution}.
You can read more about this in How to Interpret Dreams: The Structure of Dreams

The last sentence states "My friend didn't want me to leave and asks me to stay and says she'll take me home but I refuse and I leave once my other friend arrives." The friend is your bi-sexual friend, you as a bi-sexual woman. Is this who you really are, bi-sexual with no doubts of it? If so this is your true self and you never, ever leave your true self. Family and even society may tell you to do so but you can not escape who you really are. Your true slef is asking you to stay, stay with who you really are. You refuse, decline this, and instead leave once my other friend arrives. The other friend {is this an unknown person in the dream} may be the 'social/family' unity self, the other person you were before realizing/becoming the bi-sexual person you are now. This may be a conflict of wanting to be your true self but having/wanting to fit within your family.

There could be another possibility to who this other friend is. Are you totally comfortable in your sexuality, being bi-sexual? In my experience with gay men {I've known many, have had many gay friends both men and women} I've found that most of those men who call themselves bi are in reality gay. I don't klnow this to be true with gay women but I do think there is more the chance of being truly bi-sexual or straight than being gay as it is with gay men. So the question may be, and the other friend may have to do with being truly comfortable within yourself about your sexuality. Not only because of any conflict with your family but because of true preferences for a life long partnership. Gay men and women will want a relationship with another gay person. A straight person will, in the end, want a relationship with a straight person. There are those I guess who can be comfortable with either but I believe most have a preference they are born with and is their true identity. At the age of 20 there can still be confusion about sexuality, especially in today's world. As you get older things do change. Experiences lend a hand in this but who you really are comes to a head sometime during mid-life {for those who pay attention to their inner world and not totally caught in the material world}.
Something to consider.


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