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I had a dream about a former neighbor who used to live across the street with me. I wasn't friends with her in my youth because she was too superficial or judged others' looks. She had a dog, but not a poodle like in my dream. Her mother was also very superficial. In my dream, I visited their house and they had poodles. I petted one of the poodles. They said they took photos of poodle's (or dogs?) butts because it showed how strong they were or something like that. That sounded odd to me in the dream.

Although I am thinking of buying a dog, I wasn't thinking about a dog before I had this dream or not anytime soon. And I am not thinking of buying a poodle since they are too high maintenance with trimming their hair and all. This probably is not related to my dream.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 33/F

Re: poodles

*across the street from me

Re: poodles

Also, I noticed the behind of a poodle walking in front of me right after the photo comment was made.

Re: poodles

Would you believe your dream has nothing to do with your thinking of buying a dog? The images/actions in the dream are symbolic of aspects/attitudes you have experienced/witnessed or may have tendencies to exhibit. The dog is symbolic of 'natural' inclination {dog} to follow attitudinal urges {dog's butt} you 'inherited'/experienced in earlier life {former neighbor}. These tendencies/urges are or may be opposite who you really are or intend to be {lived across street} but because you grew up with them they left an impression on you or/and possess energies you may at times follow or display. A good likelihood your mother {mother also very superficial} may have demonstrated these same tendencies/attitudes and would be the experience that influenced you as a child and still have energies in your adult life. You visited their' house which suggests the mother and daughter both possess these attitudes. The former neighbor would be an aspect of yourself, she would be you.

Two questions that are not clear from the dream. One is what are these tendencies/attitudes? The superficial description/aspects may apply? Your friend would be a part of your dream because of aspects/attitudes she possessed you identify with. Because 'she' was a former friend it may be she possessed aspects you reject {a friend in a dream often represents rejected aspects}. But on the other hand you may have a tendency towards these attitudes because your own mother may demonstrate the same tendencies {you grew up with those experiences which would have influenced your psyche}. These tendencies/attitudes are 'in front of you' which may suggest you do have a tendency to follow them, or have inclinations to do so but refrain from doing so because it is not who you are. If your mother does possess these attitudes it could be being around her is having to endure those attitudes even though you reject them. You will have to determine which is true. That would be the second question. Are these tendencies/attitudes you also possess and demonstrate or are they attitudes you are exposed to but reject?

Another possibility to what the attitudes are would be with the image of the poodle {other than just being a dog and representing natural tendencies}. A poodle can represent an excessive willingness to serve or please others. If the superficial wording is symbolic meaning 'not who you are naturally' {which would be very possible} then another attitude may be the problem {or it could be both}. Do you have a excessive tendency to serve/please other people? Does your mother possess these same tendencies? That could be the 'superficial' attitude the dream is alluding to {although the other meaning would apply also since all dream images have at least two meanings/applications}. You may be 'following' these natural inclinations {because you grew up with you mother who possessed these attitudes} but it is not who you really are. You may have the tendencies to do so, or as I stated earlier, having to be around your mother and her attitudes {you reject}.

I have to hedge on stating exactly what the attitudes are because I can only read the outline of a dream and can only guess or suggest the possibilities. With what little info I have about you I am limited to seeing beyond the outlines. If I knew all about you I could, with your assistance, state as fact what the issues are the dream is trying to communicate {dreams naturally attempt to help us resolve emotional issues/conflicts}. Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can pin down what the attitudes are that you may tend to follow or are exposed to.

As a standard policy I provide my interpretation of the images/actions from the dream. Here is what I got from your dream. These may help you better understand the possibilities to what the issues are.

-former neighbor-past experience that still have emotional energies
-live across street-opposite intentions/intended direction
-not friends-a negative aspect
-superficial/judgmental of looks-not who you really are
-had dog/poodle-inclination/tendency to serve/please others/obedient tendencies
-mother also very superficial-inherent traits/attitudes with mother
-visited her house/had poodles-realizing various attitudes possessed
-petted one poodles-stroking a particular attitude
-took photos of poodle's butts-taking notice of obedient instincts
-how strong they were-strength of mental attitudes
-butt of a poodle walking in front of me-tendencies of inherent urges

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65 Cocoa, Fl

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Re: poodles

This neighbor who lived across the street never really knew me. It has been annoying that she tells others she knows me just because she once lived across the street. Her mother was good friends with another superficial person who lived right next door to us. This next door neighbor has gossiped to neighbors that my mother is crazy still to new neighbors this day. When my mom was around 30 years old, she had an experience which would give most people PTSD. My father shouldn't have called an ambulance to have her committed to a mental hospital, but that's what he did since she refused to go. When neighbors asked why there an ambulance, he said she was committed to a mental hospital. I am still mad at my father for not only taking part in this act, but also telling neighbors about something so private. My mom was released after a short period of time because the hospital found nothing wrong with her. After she came home, the next door neighbor told her nobody would like her now and she was her only friend (she was never a friend). In my young adulthood, I had a nervous breakdown, but nothing public like my mom experienced. So, I don't know if the attitude has anything to do with mental?

The girl and her mother who lived across the street gave others a crazy impression of my family before they even had a chance to know me. In addition, the kids of our next door neighbor did the same thing to me. As a result, I had this crazy label or crazy family label to my name. No one knows the true story or why my mom was committed. Since it's private, my mom hasn't discussed it with neighbors. However, that was such a long time ago or it should have no place in the current time. But the next door neighbor acts like it is today.

I strongly reject the idea of people who just care about looks. It stresses me out trying to live up to a perfect image, which is impossible. I don't want any friends who judge you by your looks. The neighbor who lived across the street always looked perfect and she had an easier life because she looked perfect. Others tend to treat prettier girls nicer than ugly girls (which some probably defined me back then). She was born pretty so she didn't have to work hard at it like ugly girls. I don't know if the attitude in dream could have anything to do with being vain? I have to say my mom isn't vain, but I have tried to improve my looks since I was an ugly kid. I don't know if you would call that vain. I don't try to look perfect, though. My mom and I have never been able to afford all these nice clothes. She would give me a hard time in front of the store cashier for buying me a couple of school outfits saying it was for my birthday present when I was a kid. I guess it was because my dad yelled at her every time she spent money. My dad believes in wearing the same outfit every day even when it gets all ripped, stained, or shrunk. So, he had no understanding of the need for clothes. All this must sound petty, but I'm bringing it up in case it relates to my dream.

On the other hand, my mom definitely has drained herself putting others first or caring too much what they think. I used to care what people thought of me like when this neighbor defined me to others although she doesn't really know me. But now I have a screw you attitude, in which I strongly believe something is wrong with people who are so judgmental like this, and I want nothing to do with them. It bothers me how my mom still gets upset if someone is rude to her. I'll remind her over and over that they were probably having a bad day which had nothing to do with her.

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