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creepy drawings

Okay, so last night i had a very weird dream. I had a black sketchbook- which i also have in real life- and i used it for a diary. One day as i was going to start writing on a new page, the page had a weird creepy drawing, and all the following pages too. But they weren't mine. The illustrations were all in purple or red or a mix of those colors. There were illustrations of woods, graveyards, crosses, deers, humans with weird faces and broken limbs, or just plain purple pages, no drawings. Then after i saw this, i went to the mall where i met a friend, i told her everything and she just said to me: burn it, don't even think about it, just burn it. And i was like okay, what's going on? Then i came home, i opened the door to my room and on the desk was the opened sketchbook, and the drawing said with red color: don't do it.
After that i woke up and i have no idea what to think. I can also remember i had a black puppy in these dreams, does that mean anything, maybe a guardian or something?

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Re: creepy drawings

What I get from your dreams are 'illustrations' of repressed emotions that possess strong energies that either influence or control your waking life. These strong energies are imprinted onto your unconscious and represent emotional issues that can cause emotional suffering if brought to conscious thinking {if you think about them}. They probably point to past negative if not traumatic experiences {repressed}. The whole dream does seem to be all about repression of emotions related to past experiences.

Here is how I interpret the images/actions. You can see the patterns that point to repressed issues.

-black sketch book-a sketch of unconscious energies
-real life-depicting real self
-used for a diary-your life history
-start writing a new page-a new 'page' of experiences
-page had weird creepy drawing-threatening unconscious energies
-all following pages-continuing impressions from one experience
-weren't mine-not possessing conscious knowledge of unconscious energies
-illustrations were purple/red/mix-impressions of unexplored emotional energies
-illustrations of woods/graveyards/crosses/deer/humans/faces/broken limbs-unconscious/discarded aspects/suffering/emotions/attitudes/conscious self/attachments
****unconscious impressions of discarded aspects that cause emotional suffering/conscious attitudes related to unconscious attachments
-purple pages, no drawings-unconscious emotions, no understanding of energies
-went to mall-unconscious impressions come into conscious actions
-met friend-influenced by discarded/rejected aspects
-told her everything-unconscious knowledge
-burn it-energies burned into the unconscious
-don't think about it/just burn it-repressed emotions/issues
-came home/opened door to my room-unconscious energies influencing conscious self
-on desk/opened sketchbook-abiding by unconscious energies
-drawing said red with color-emotional energies
-don't do it-don't adhere to unconscious energies

-black puppy-developed unconscious tendencies
-guardian- guarded emotions

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