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Back In Class

Hello! I've been having dreams about being in some school or a college for the last 2 years or so. I would usually be walking around in a hallway with unfamiliar faces, or sitting in a classroom at the very front. When I awake I don't recall what the instructor was teaching at all. A recent dream I just had involved me at a run down hotel with school desks in a room with others, watching a movie that I don't recall. It's concerning me because i'm tired of having dreams placed in a school! The school is usually a large school, similiar to an office building. Another dream i've also recently had was me in a school auditorium, with a big movie screen and I was sitting in the very front, and when I turned around there was so many people behind me; it was packed, and dark! I don't recall the movie being showed on screen. I also sometimes have dreams about taking an exam in a class, but I don't know how I did on the exam b/c the dream goes on. I graduated High school in 2012, and I'm finished with college for now. I haven't even thought about school! Idk why I've been having these recurring dreams located in some school or class! Thanks!!

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Re: Back In Class

These dreams have little to do with your waking school/college life and everything to do with your inner psychological life. The images/actions in your dreams point to a need to learn about the emotional experiences from early life that have affected your life. There are emotional issues related to experiences you do not 'recall' because they are hidden from conscious thinking, forgotten so not to think of them, or repressed. You need to learn {remember} what these experiences are and confront them so you can resolve the issues. Until you do you will continue to have these type dreams.

Here is how I interpreted the images/actions. You can see the unconscious {what dreams are} is attempting to communicate to get you to consciously 'learn' about these emotional issues by exploring your past experiences that were negative and/or painful. The rundown hotel is an aspect of yourself, an indication there may be a decline in personal growth. The school auditorium symbol may be important in it could be directing you to ask others {parents/siblings} about possible experiences you may have forgotten/repressed {if indeed they are not something you already know but do not want to think about}.

-being in school/college-going through learning changes
-last two years-issue began prior to dreams
-walking around in a hallway-your journey into the unknown and self exploration
-unfamiliar faces-unfamiliar aspects of self
-sitting in classroom at very front-lessons in life that are upfront
-don't recall what was being taught-Not remembered/ repressed
-rundown hotel-decline in personality
-school desks in room/watching a movie I don't recall-self exploration of parts of your life you do not remember
-large school-important aspects about yourself that need to be consciously realized/learned
-office building-emotional aspects about yourself
-school auditorium-something you need to learn from yourself and others


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