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Dog Dream

Hi, so i had a dream i was walking in a park with tea, then this person in all red started following me so i turned to face him and spilled tea on his, when i did this he just stood there so i walked away. Then i saw my moms car so i went up to her and she helped me save homeless dogs. My own dog was involved with the person in red so i left him but everytime he found a homeless dog he would bark and we would come to rescue it. but i didnt help my dog but i felt sorry for him. i didnt help him because he helped the evil man. Then we had about fifteen puppies and they didnt fit in the car so one had to come in my arms, it was a white puppy poodle. whats does this dream mean?

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Re: Dog Dream

Anonymous {A.M.},
This is a dream addressing your emotions. Specifically a need for security, nourishment, support from family. The dog would represent your 'animal/human' attitudes and emotions. From what little I know about you {I can read the outlines of your emotions, the specifics can only be known by knowing more about you personally} I get a sense from the dream you look to your mother for support and do not get enough of that from your father. There are negative emotional consequences because of this and probably your home/family life as a whole. But because you are still in the developing stages of life, a youth with great expectations in life, you possess the ability to move forward. This would be what the white {innocence/ positive attitudes}, puppy {developing/growing} poodle represents {higher ambitions/attitudes}.
Note: A poodle would be symbolic of 'an upper class attitude' since it is the kind of dog people with wealth would have.

park-escape from reality/adjustment after personal conflict
-tea-taking some time to calm yourself
-person all in red following me-an emotional aspect {anger?}
-turned to face him-confronting masculine aspects
-just stood there/I walked away-getting away these tendencies
-saw mom's car-identify with mother's directions
-she helped me to save a homeless dog-using mother's help from feeling powerless and insecure
-own dog involved-your own emotions
-every time he found a homeless dog he would bark-exhibit negative emotions when feeling powerless
-we would come to rescue-saving aspect of self that has been neglected
-didn't help my dog/felt sorry-didn't help your emotional self/feelings of helpless/depression
-didn't help him/he helped evil man-other's giving support didn't help/negative emotions related to masculine aspects
-had fifteen puppies/didn't fit in car-negative emotions multiplying/doesn't fit with positive direction
-one had to come to my arms-an ability for acceptance
-white puppy poodle-positive development for higher possibilities


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