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The Maze & The 2,000 year-old Serpent

I recently had the following dream:

I am entering into a maze. Not wanting to go on without being able to find my way back, I give my female companion (Anima?) who remains at the entrance my "belt" (a blue cord). As I make my way past the first boundary, the belt/cord is not long enough and it slips out of my/Her grasp. All of a sudden I am in the central room of the maze. Before me there is a Green Serpent (and some other dark creature that I cannot recall). I am told that the Serpent is 2,000 years-old. Then I awake.

I have several interpretations for my dream, but I am curious to see if my thoughts are corroborated with your own and others on this forum.

Many thanks in advance

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Re: The Maze & The 2,000 year-old Serpent

I sense the dream is addressing a couple of issues and possibly a third. One would be rated to waking life experiences that may have to do with female relationships {companion}. The second would be addressing the deeper issues of restricted flow of positive aspects to your personality and attitudes. A third may be tied to spiritual or religious aspects that you look to instead of taking an objective approach to resolving emotional issues {psychological approach}. Whether one or all of the issues fit the dream points to you being restricted in some way or/and aspect of your life. My sense is there are early life emotional energies {we all possess these} that lend themselves to your personal attitudes and lead you in how you live life emotionally. If the third aspect is correct you may be looking for solutions by taking an indirect path instead of facing the issues objectively {emotionally instead of being objective}. This type of response would be tied to personality and developed attitudes {from early life} that you are probably not aware of . They are psychological and not something that comes to you because of outside entities. The 2,000 year old gives me cause to think about religious aspects {as well as symbolically representing your earliest life experiences} since it would be associated to the religious philosophy of 2,000 years ago {Christianity}. But that is going beyond the norm of dream analyzation and 'guessing' more than being pragmatic {objective reasoning but with a developed intuitive sense}.

Here is how I interpreted the images and actions in your dream. See where they fit and put those pieces together.

-maze- a need to deal emotional issues in a more direct way/making the situation harder than it really is/life's twists and turns/feeling lost or being misled.
-not wanting to go on being able to find my way back-not knowing the unconscious energies that cause negative emotions
-give female companion-emotional energies associated with conscious life {anima influences/unconscious and possibly conscious}
-remains at entrance-accessing emotional drives/the energies that motivate your conscious life
-belt/blue cord-constricted flow of positive energies and issues of morality/feeling conflicted between what you think and what you feel/punishment because of a lack of discipline.
***blue cord-restricting positive aspects/self
-make way past first boundary-getting past early experiences of restricted growth
-belt/cord not long enough-emotional energies not strong enough
-it slips out of her grasp-emotions slip out of control
-central room of maze-emotions revolve around these energies
-Green serpent-positive balance of good and evil within you
-dark creature-unconscious fears and insecurities
-told serpent is 2,000 years old-negative energies that are from earliest life/related to birth of spiritual aspects

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


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Re: The Maze & The 2,000 year-old Serpent

Jerry and Paul,

I am struck in reading this dream of the remarkable similarities to the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. In this myth Theseus, one of the legendary heroes of Greek Mythology, enters the labyrinth beneath the palace of King Minos of Crete who sends prisoners into the labyrinth to feed the dreadful Minotaur (a monster a man's body with the head of a bull). Ariadne the daughter of the king of Crete falls in love with this Athenian hero and tells him that even were he to slay the beast still there would be no chance of escaping the pitch dark maze of labyrinth. She gives him a ball of string and a sword (if he promises to take her from Crete with him). He enters the maze and ties the string at the entrance and unrolls the ball as he is going so that he may find his way back. In the centre of the maze he comes upon the Minotaur and after wrestling with the bull he manages to slay it (but not without losing his hold of the string). After some feeling around in the dark he finds the string and makes his way back out of the labyrinth.

The Jungian interpretation of this myth is the maze being the unconscious and the dark depths. There is the danger of forever being stranded in the unconscious. The Minotaur symbolises the beast the dragon the ultimate Shadow which guards the treasure of the True Self at the core of this dark depths which hide the self. The Anima, with her ball of string, provides us the way back out of the unconscious she being the connector of the conscious and subconscious levels.

Hope this will help your interpretations at the very least it will provide an alternate perspective on the dream.

Hope it helps,

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Re: The Maze & The 2,000 year-old Serpent

Excellent comparison. If we wish to understand the various emotional complexes we need only look to mythology. As Joseph Campbell stated, dreams are personal myths, myths are universal dreams. The extended quote goes like this:
Dream is personalized myth, myth is depersonalized dream; both myth and dream are symbolic in the same general way of the dynamics of the psyche. But in the dream the forms are quirked by the peculiar troubles of the dreamer, whereas in myth the problem and solutions shown are directly valid for all mankind.

Mythology is the collective psyche of a culture/society but with the universal {inherent processes} energies. When we look at a dream {as in this one} we often will see similarities in the dream and a particular myth. This would be describing an actual emotional complex {and possibly a neurosis}. The myth can provide insights to the emotional energies that plague the dreamer and can help in resolving the issues {by discovering the energies that are in conflict}.

A standard mythical motif that fits in the emotional life of a great many men {including myself} is the son looking for the father {father atonement}. Campbell often used Native American mythology in explaining this story with the general outline being of the 'left hand path'. This is the path of adventure, a journey into the unknown where great dangers await the hero. The myth describes these dangers as symbol and metaphor but in the individual life they are the emotional energies within the unconscious that need to be acknowledged and 'killed'. But there is the danger the energies can devour the dreamer if not careful {staying the hero path of spirit}. The left hand path is the emotional energies attuned to the senses and the heart {why I interpret the 'left' in dreams as the true path, the feminine aspect}. As Campbell states it in his book Creative Mythology;
The left hand path is the way, then, of a passage by way of the senses--the eyes, the heart, and spontaneity of the body--to a realization and manifestation "at the still point of the turning world," in act and experience on earth, of the radiance, harmony, bounty and joy of nature.

The left, the side of the heart, the shield side, has been symbolic, traditionally and everywhere, of feeling, mercy and love, vulnerability and defenselessness, the feminine virtues and dangers: mothering and seduction, the tidal powers of the moon and substances of the body, the rhythms of the seasons: gestations, birth, nourishment, and fosterage; yet equally malice and revenge, unreason, dark and terrible wrath, black magic, poisons, sorcery and delusion; but also fair enchantment, beauty, rapture and bliss.

And the right, thereby is of the male: action, weapons, hero-deeds, protection, brute force, and both cruel and benevolent justice; the masculine virtues and dangers: egoism and aggression, lucid luminous reason, sunlike creative power, but also cold unfeeling malice, abstract spirituality, blind courage, theoretical dedication, sober, unplayful moral force.

In dreams left would be the true self, not abiding by what society requires/demands. It is living from the soul/heart, the feminine energies, the Goddess {Jesus lived from the feminine}. The right would be the opposite, doing what you are told, being led by the masculine self {the god of Abraham being a warrior god, destroyer, conqueror}.

A modern story of the son seeking the father/atonement is Star Wars. Luke Skywalker and his father/shadow Darth Vader. It is not by co-incidence George Lucas used this mythological motif since Lucas {just now realized a connection, Luke/Lucas} used Campbell's Monomyth in making Star Wars.

When we examine this dream we will see the similarities in the stories. The myth is describing unconscious energies, the dark depths where one either can get lost or discover the secrets of the emotional energies that motivate the dreamer's actions/ personality and attitudes. The dream could very well be the story of Theseus, and the myth of Theseus the motivating energies in Paul's life.


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Re: The Maze & The 2,000 year-old Serpent

Bravo Gentlemen - both very insightful answers. Thank you both.


After yet another failed attempt to succeed independently in life. I have returned to my family home to lick my wounds and work out my strategy for my way forward in life.

Yes. I have a bias towards looking to the "left-hand" (Ida) feminine side of the personality for answers to all of life's difficulties. When stuck with difficult decisions I have a preference for consulting Tarot/Divination, for meditating and for ultimately making a value ("Feeling") Judgement on the issue. It seems my "right-hand" (Pingala) masculine action-oriented and heroic side has been neglected and, perhaps, its power is unconscious at the deepest root level of my unconscious. I suspect this is because growing up I had a very negative male role model (in my father), which I reacted against. Plus my own authentic masculine is probably injured from the humiliating beatings my father would give me for being "naughty". My brother would mostly avoid this ritual violence, by playing by my father's rules. Wiser than I perhaps, at least in the short term.

In fact, my whole system shows this bias of left (feminine) over the right (masculine). Right through, in fact, to my body where I have an injured and collapsed right side and a tense and 'over-compensating' left-side. However, since my Kundalini (often personified as a mystical snake - or two snakes) has awaken, I feel that my spine and system is correcting itself. I am coming back into balance. However, I am once again stuck in the family home, and I am in the presence of my father, who I must continually fight or politely endure. He can be quite an objectionable man at times and has a terrible habit of offering advice, ostensibly to "help", but really I suspect he does so to be in control of everyone and everything.

I have had a few dreams with a maze-like motif and dead ends recently. This is because I have returned home to my parents, ostensibly to figure out my next step; my new path in life. However, I believe that the "spiritual" and unconscious reason is to deal with the karma of my early life trauma with my family. In fact, I don't believe I can move on effectively with my life until I have settled this karma/lesson.

Dealing with the outer aspect, I am caught between either:
a) following my heart and passion to do something that I feel will give me great enjoyment and fulfilment vs...
b) Again following the conventional approach (as has always been suggested by my father as keeper of conventional societal approaches) I feel this will lead me to yet another dead-end job, hardship, wasted years. I would not do this out of any other reason than the need for money for survival (or start up capital to pursue my dream/passion i.e. doing both "a)" and "b)").

Both the myth of Star Wars and the Myth of Theseus resonate with me.

Starting with The Myth of Theseus, of particular interest is that it is the "Shadow King" who is the one who sends "The Hero" on an impossible task expecting death (failure). Just as my own father has sent me out in the maze of life (Work/job) with only his conventional attitude for 'guidance'. For my brother who has the same rational personality type as my dad(ENTJ), this has been met with success. However, for me (an ENFP) this has spelt disaster i.e. "death" in the maze of life. Having attempted to follow the conventional wisdom of my society and father, against my better judgement I have been defeated and returned home after failure. Three times this has happened. Utterly humiliating.

Perhaps my father unconsciously expects failure. If this is so (and it may be my counter-transference rather than actuality) The reasons for my father to do this would be his unconscious material. I know it is not uncommon for fathers to project their "Shadow" onto the first born son (which I am) and unconsciously persecute them. If this is so, then I am as "Dionysus" (Lunar Intuition and carnal joy) to my younger brother's "Apollo" (Solar Logic & reason conventional success). Casting my father as "Zeus", it seems he is far happier with the success of his second born, the Solar Hero after his own logical rational mold, rather than his unconscious Shadow, the intuitive/Feeling Lunar Hero - Dionysus.

Having said that, I feel more strongly that my father is better personified as Chronos (Saturn), the eater of his children, and I am the son who finally succeeded him in becoming "King". I understand that in my paternal line, we have a long ancestral karma of father persecuting son, which has been passed on for generations. My own father hated his father, who in turn hated his father. My grandfather disliked his son, as my father does towards me.

As for Star Wars. Luke's Shadow is his father. His father encourages him to join the "Dark side". They fight. But it is not until the father is dead that Luke can take his place and transcend the struggle. For me, this Myth has only partial resonance. Although my father is clearly the "Tyrant" and "Shadow King", I am increasingly aware that I share some of his qualities. These were once unconscious, but after long and angry discussions with my Mother and before that a previous girlfriend (who was a valued confidant) I have grown aware of the negative traits I share with my father. I can dominate, although with charm rather than guilt and fear.


I have had psychosis/mystical awakening, and so have been initiated into the Collective Unconscious - the deeper level of individuation. According to Jung, it is the Anima that is the connection between the personal unconscious and the Collective Unconscious and not between the Conciousness and the Personal Unconsciousness - That is the Shadow. So in many ways, as the Shadow steps aside once one has passed the threshold to the Personal Unconscious, so too does the Anima once one drops into the Collective Unconscious. This may represent the short blue cord that neither of us can hold as my Dream-Ego goes into the deeper more primal areas of the Psyche. At that stage there are two Archetypes coming up to meet me. One is The Snake and the other is something of which I am unaware/unconscious.

My hypothesis about the Snake is either that:
a)It is the primal force of Kundalini - often represented as a snake in Hinduism and Buddhism. The Primal transformational energy of kundalini may have parallels with the "Snake on the Cross" i.e. Christ the redeemer - hence 2,000 years old (Dionysus the societal scapegoat repressed feminine).
b) Or that there are the two snakes of Kundalini - one the Feminine Left-hand Snake (Ida) and the other the Masculine Right-hand Snake (Pingala), which is weaker/unconscious for me at present. I feel that I need to reconnect with the Primal Masculine.

So the question is: why is my Masculine so injured to the point of being unconscious in this dream? ...and how can I rectify this in my conscious life? If indeed it needs rectifying (it does).


So at the moment I am working on balancing both my desire for a life path that is fulfilling - one that I am excited about and passionate about, with one that is conventional and will provide enough money to survive and get free of my family. I am very individual and unconventional. I have, however been trying to do conventional work where really my passion and skill is in entrepreneurialism. I have had to fight to follow my heart's ambitions against the wishes and promptings of both my father and my mother. Also I am battling against the prevailing Solar/Rational society, which my father represents and which also makes my life of unconventional success very hard.

On a deeper level, I need to heal my injured masculine. I must either reconnect with my Primal Masculine (for me this is the Lion/King - I have other dreams of this), or else "destroy" the "Shadow King" i.e. overthrow my father and replace him as "Shadow King". Clearly, I have little interest in the latter solution, it is what my paternal ancestors have been doing for generations. Besides, I have had actual confrontations with my father and told him to back off out of my life. This has resolved nothing. At least, not conclusively.

I suspect that in order to defeat the "Shadow King"/"Tyrant", I must ignore him and instead prove to myself that finally listening to my heart and following my instinctive passion I will create a new life as King of my own Realm. I will lead my team of social entrepreneurs to victory and a new life - truly! Mythically, Dionysus, working with a wounded Apollo, will bring passion and healing back to the realm, as well as conventional financial success. They can both then flourish.

I am confident in this. I await my dreams to corroborate my Concious attitude. What wisdom can you gentlemen share?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 32 M UK

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Re: The Maze & The 2,000 year-old Serpent


I have nowhere near the experience of Jerry and so I await his more seasoned response. But for my own part I find your response very very interesting. It sounds like you are on quite a journey at the moment indeed it sounds like your life has been a hell of a journey. I am grateful for all you have shared here and I respect you very much for your courage in sharing your story. It seems like you are on a spiritual quest and I know well your desire to take the left hand path in life and finding the conventional path incommensurate with my own values. I have no experience of a kundalini awakening but knowing others who have experienced it I know it can be a very challenging and admittedly exhilarating experience. So it is fascinating to hear about your experiences with it and Ida and Pingala. I know also the toll of failure as well as its necessity as part of the journey.

I am cautious of your approach to the Father however. When you say that in order to defeat the Shadow King you must ignore him
I can't help but feel very cautious. This is a very dangerous approach. You are very good at following your heart. You know well what you want from life and you clearly live a dedicated life of passion. I can see no other reason for your persistence in standing up and fighting on time after time. And yet you are returned a third time to the kingdom of your father. I see that in your response your spend a large portion talking about your flesh and blood father. We are not dealing with him. It is not the flesh father we are dealing with. He has nothing to do with the Minotaur with the serpent you face. His work is done your psyche has absorbed him. To ignore him is secondary but to ignore your internal Shadow father is I feel a great danger to you.

In mythology the dragon or the Minotaur is the beast who guards the treasure. Think of when you feel fear in your life think of when you procrastinate. Think of the times when you know you should do something yet you avoid it you postpone it. You know you should do it yet you are in no mood so you do something else. This is the dragon. This is the shadow king. The king is the ruler of the kingdom of Paul. When you do not do all the things you must which perhaps this being the third time this has happened I am going to assume (and of course I may be certainly wrong) that there is a degree of self-sabotage at work unconsciously. This is your Shadow king. What your flesh father is like is irrelevant to this matter. This is a matter of the psyche. It is there you must meet him. If you think that the problem is with your flesh father then I fear you are projecting your Shadow king onto him.

It seems to me (and again I am willing to be told I am way out of line here) that it would be very dangerous to ignore your father and rush into battle again when the dragon guards your treasure. What you say about proving yourself to yourself is that you are trying to overcome the shadow king without fighting him. You must meet him. For he is you not you flesh father. To prove yourself to yourself you must attack that which causes you to doubt yourself ie your Shadow King and kill this doubt at its roots.

I definitely see what you and Jerry are speaking about when you talk about Luke's story. I can certainly see similarities between you and Luke and a need to face your Vader.

One other note. Consider the maze. In the myth Ariadne gives Theseus the thread. He had only thought about being a hero and killing the Minotaur but Ariadne reminds him that even if he kills the Minotaur be will forever be lost in the maze without her string. You may be getting lost in the maze. You say you are a third time returned to the same place. This in itself sounds maze-like. The anima may take a back seat but she is there saving the hero for he would be forever lost without her. Do not underestimate the maze. Do not dismiss your anima in the shadows she is your greatest ally.

I hope I have not overstepped my post in this response. I have seen the same flaws in my own life and fallen into my own pitfalls too many times that I have felt like a dog chasing my tail wondering what it is that caused my failure and what is going to be different this time. I have found dreamwork so amazingly helpful in exposing the demons that I skim over in my daily life. It is only by taking the inward journey that I am beginning to feel confident in the success of my future endeavours simply because I am beginning to see my demons and know their intentions as well as their dominions. Anyway I'm rambling. I hope this has been helpful to you in some way and I am excited to hear more of your journey.

Hope it helps,

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 23 now in canada (previously travelling Australia) but from Ireland

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Re: The Maze & The 2,000 year-old Serpent

I very much appreciate your insight Jimmy.

I would like to thank you for the first observation that you have made. Namely, that my 'quarrel' is not with my own "flesh and blood" father, but rather, with my own internal "Shadow King". I should cease projecting this archetype onto him. I must own this part of myself.

In terms of the inner "quest" I will summarise your advice thus:

1) DEMON (Shadow King): Whatever I am avoiding, I must do it. Confront the fear of failure (i.e. doubt). Confront the demon (daimon) which dominates my inner realm, by taking action in the outer realm. Overcome my fear through 'heroic' action.

RESPONSE: I have already started to do this over the last month and my dreams (and spinal pattern of defence) seem to be changing accordingly. For example I dreamt of a young King a few nights ago (part of a 3 part dream odyssey). He was described as "He has nothing to prove and that is why he has total self assurance". The King of Cups has come up in my Tarot reading of the situation as that which resides in my unconscious and is coming into manifestation.

2) ANIMA: Re-engage with my Anima. She knows the terrain and is a constant ally in the Collective Unconscious.

RESPONSE: I am not sure what such action I should take in real life. I am single partly by circumstance (financially poor & living with parents at present) and partly by choice (relationships end in catastrophe/are bad for my mental health). I have had many dreams involving my Anima, but they are outside of the scope of my answer. When I have owned my King energy and am in a financially stable position, perhaps then I can find a partner. My Anima has helped me on many adventures. Perhaps she will help with that too.


I had another dream after this dream, and I have also taken much action in my life since "The Maze" dream.

I am walking up a street. It is my old walk to school. However, it is dark as if very early in the morning. I pass a man standing on the pavement. He is dressed in dark worker's clothes, he is carrying my old black 'professional' bag. He is also wearing sunglasses (despite the dark). And he appears to be waiting for something or someone (it occurs to me he is waiting for a lift to work).

He is blocking my path. I have to step out into the road to walk past him. After I pass him I enter an alley. All of a sudden I am at a dead end. There is a wall with windows lit up like the back of a building. I instantly turn around and walk back out the alley. Panicky that I will be robbed. The man is still standing where he was (only he is on my right now rather than my left). He is also now wearing a blindfold rather than sunglasses.

As I continue to walk down the street, I am aware that a young woman (that I now recognise as my new business partner) is walking ahead of me. I don't want her to fear that I will rob her, so I walk loudly and give her space.

I (or rather we) arrive at a train station. There is a lady on the platform who says that her mobile has been "stolen" by a "gyp" (as in "gypsy"). She realises it wasn't. I feel I should go over and talk to her. I awake.


- When young I wanted to be a poet/musician but my family (father) was always adamant that I studied Sciences. I also wanted to become a Psychotherapist.
- I went to university to study Sciences (Health Research) rather than Arts (Psychology & Philosophy). My grades were poor at that stage so I couldn't have studied what I wanted to anyway. As a more general note - The system is truly **** in the UK. Supports "Sensory Thinking" plodders and punishes "Intuitive Feelers". Arts are being eroded. Underfunded.
- I hated University. Wrong kind of people. Too much stress. I succeeded through sheer force of will, grit and determination. And Girlfriend very supportive.
- When I graduated I was resistant to getting a "meaningless job". Tried to start my own business with my mother. Father advising. Secretly he expected it to fail. It did.
- After graduation and the failure of my startup business, the repressed rage/fear and overwhelming stress finally caused a "psychosis" (really a premature kundalini awakening). I was 21/22. I broke up with my girlfriend at the time.
- Once I recovered I set to work. I got lots of "dead end" jobs before working for a mental health charity (the ultimate dead end job). I had to find my way out of this dead end, so I trained as a Personal Trainer. Having lost 4 Stone (30 Kg).
- I was living with my girlfriend. Too much stress. She had serious unresolved issues. I was training too hard. Not enough money paying off education. I had another "stress reaction event" and was hospitalised.
- I moved back with my parents. Age 27/28. I tried to set up my business, but I was getting overweight again from the medication and rich diet. I sabotaged my efforts to set up as a personal trainer feeling I was too overweight.
- Eventually I got a dead end job at a hospital. Started meditating and doing Kundalini Yoga breathing. Lost the weight again. Had a year of "living it large". Lots of sex. Age 29.
- Again I thought "I have to get out of this dead end job and do something with my life - help people as a healer". I started doing a Masters in Chiropractic. The course was intense of time and money. Hospital wouldn't help. I tried to set up another business as a personal trainer at the hospital to pay for my course. NHS wouldn't help. Stress and over training resulted in another "Stress Reaction Event".
- Again Moved back to my parents' to recover. Broke up with my girl friend at the time. The pattern had repeated itself.
- This time the "Psychosis" ended with Mystical experience. Profound insights. Powerful connection with Nature. I was 30/31.
- Realising the pattern has repeated itself, and that I was back with my parents for a third time, I thought "I must take my time and get to the bottom of this repeating pattern". I reconnected with the girlfriend I had had, she was training as a counsellor but had so many issues with men, and ultimately the relationship failed.
- Went to start my own business, this time with "support" from a government contractor who help unemployed people set up as self-employed. Instead of setting up as a "Health & Wellness Coach", I set up as a "web designer". Again I felt I was too overweight to sell myself as a health professional to people.
- The business turned out to be another wrong turn. I shelved the project and continued my introspective journey to understand what I should do next.
- After much soul searching at this time, I have realised that I should do the things I have always wanted to do. I should just take the plunge and set up multiple businesses. One as a Health and Wellness Coach. I have also spent the year networking within the scope of my interests. I now work with children and an a "play leader". I always wanted to find a way to motive children to be physically active in order to counter obesity and our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. I really enjoy this work.
- I have healed enough to realise that I can succeed in whatever I try. It is a case of picking the thing that will make me happiest and not leave me poor.
- I have also connected with a group of people looking to purchase some land and set up a series of social enterprises. I have found my tribe. NOW THE FUTURE BEGINS.

Please feel free to de-construct this partial life-story. Any insight into the repeating pattern would be most welcome.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 32 M UK

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