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Protecting 3 children

I had a dream last night in which my family was in a home i did not recognize, but it had a familiar feeling to it. I saw a family friend outside and she was calling other people to come to my home. I became very panicked and hung up her phone and told her I had to protect our home and my three children (I have one child). I specifically remember mentioning "my three children" several times. Towards the end of the dream I remember several people coming to the house for some type of mission or event with my husband. I hugged him and left him there. I then took the children to the car in an effort to keep them safe. What could this mean? And why is it sticking with me so much?

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Re: Protecting 3 children

Are you trying to protect something recently? Someone tried to get over the line of something you want to protect so you panicked. The panicking is real even though the dream is not, maybe this can become an important clue for you to think about. Have you panicked about anything lately? What can you think of when you think about the number 3? In other words, what does number '3' mean to you?

Hope these questions help.

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Re: Protecting 3 children

My sense of your dream is there are issues from your childhood that you are experiencing with your children or are afraid will happen. The 3 children would represent your childhood experiences, your children's and the total self/total well being of yourself and your life {inner child}. The family home would point to family environment. There are rejected aspects/experiences from your childhood {family friend} to do with feelings of security and nurturing. You had negative experiences n your childhood with these issues and are having or you are afraid your children will have the same experiences. You may be repressing these experiences/memories of them.

The part about your husband could point to issues related to him. He is either a part of the reasons you fear for your children or there are masculine aspects within you that would affect your children {or both}. Masculine aspects within you could represent tendencies of aggressive behavior on your part that would affect your children {this is something you hug/embrace which may suggest early life imprinting has caused you to possess unconscious motivating energies that would cause such behavior}. You either have to get your children away from your husband or have to protect them from aggressive behavior on your part {could be both}. Your experiences in childhood are 'coming back' to you in current experiences with your children. They are experiencing family environment issues as you did, either because of behavior by your husband or your own aggressive behavior.

Here is my interpretation of the images/actions {something I usually provide with most dreams I analyze}. This may help you better understand the analysis and/or see into your own mind and recognize emotional issues only you would know about.

-family in home not recognized/familiar feel to it-past experiences associated with family environment that you may be experiencing again
-saw family friend outside-rejected aspects associated with security/nurturing in your conscious life {current experiences}
-calling other people to come to my home-other aspects related to past experiences that are now coming home/back to you {past experiences you are again experiencing}
-panicked/hung up her phone-emotional issues that cause you to feel you do not have control you do not wish to deal with {unconscious communication with conscious self}
-protect home and 3 children-emotional issues related to your childhood/your children/your total well being
-mentioning my three children-3 experiences related to childhood/children
-people coming to house/mission with husband-inner aspects coming 'back to you' related to masculine aspects/actual husband
-hugged him/left him there-a loving and caring nature that is lacking {left behind}
-took 3 children to car to keep safe-carrying and protecting emotional issues related to childhood/children

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


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Re: Protecting 3 children

This response was absolutely spot on. Reading this really opened my eyes to many things that I have tried so long to ignore. My childhood was definitely left a negative imprint on my life; and one of my biggest fears is that my relationship with my husband will become exactly what my childhood was. I think looking at it in this context shows my the meaning of the three children. I have one son of my own, and I have had two very traumatic issues from my past, which I believe created my children in my dream as a small version of my self in a time I should have been protected. I now completely understand why this dream has had an icky feeling and has stuck with me. Thank you so much for helping me with this!

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