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Jail, snakes, temptation, sex, boats

i had a dream I think it started my friends on a boat in a dangerous very small area with rocks around.yet we were still driving around with no fear of crashing into rocks or pier.... then talking about getting another one or faster one. and stealing a 20K$ engine to put in the boat.
Then my best friend, his sister, a friend girl of all of ours ended up in like a house jail had us locked up in a room in basement some of the time. we were let out to do somethings.and to do chores around the house. then my mom sends 4 of us of late xmas gifts that was all detroit lions clothes.
The lady was watching us was one of my high school secretarys that i messed around with. I think i tried to avoid her so we wouldnt do anything & so i wouldnt cheat on my gf & also just cuz i was scared&was in jail so i avoided any guard. Even that it was just her. Then I end up packing up and either escaping or I got bailed out..but i still snuck out.. there was like a dune buggy out there waiting for me lol.. I drove away with i seen a repair shop full of vehiciles around like a junk yard and when i drove around there were like cops showing up as if I was going to break into something.
I kept driving around the place. then end up leaving going down a dirt road, after a while i turn left and see another field full of SNAKES..big anacodas, pythons,and long ass snakes 40/50 ft..
So im in the dune buggy &
Im crazy & i hate snakes & was kind of fearless of them at the moment. so i end up driving in this field running all these 1000s snakes over thinking they wont be able to do anything. but as I start to drive away & get out of the field 2 of the 50ft snakes i see trailing right behind me catch up to me and both bite my arms....i go sneak back into the jail house. everyone was up stairs hanging out for the 1st time getting ready for a party.. then a lady walks through the door and its another one of my secretarys that i had a crush on & wanted to bang. &
im like WHAT the hell is going on.. we all went back down to basement and after a while the 1st secretary lady i messed with came down& i finally got the balls to speak n said to her i got bailed out so im leaving!! not staying here anymore.. and thats about as much as i remember..

I know im going through some regret sexually & right now.. Have had issues with my girlfriend lately mainly because of me cheating, talking to other girls because of the lack of sex she rarely feels like doing.. The past couple days iv finally got my head together to realize what I have & to stop. Also I'm a mechanic which is why i think when i was younger iv had thought of breaking into repair shops for tools.. but im not like that at all anymore. Im in a bad situation right now & this dream was just another wake up call & would like to know more please!. thank you.. (dont even reply if youre going to say things like ima scumbag for cheating etc.yes i know. but that wont help me figure this out, Thats just gonna waste time.) :)

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Re: Jail, snakes, temptation, sex, boats

I'll provide an analysis of your dream Tuesday. In the meanwhile you may want to read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams. Dreams are about the emotions and in particular those emotional issues that are conflicting and need resolution. Also dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor and while a dream will reference a known experience in your life its meaning is direct at not only the experience but the deeper emotional energies it possessed. Its the deeper aspects that are symbolically noted and which have to be analyzed and interpreted. Where as there may have been an actual experience with your best friend he also would symbolically represent some part of your self. Rejected aspects is one applicable meaning of a best friend {same gender} since 'he' would represent a part of you reject and needs to be realized and understood {why it is rejected} and find a positive resolve the issue. His sister {on a deeper level} could represent a 'related' emotional issue {she would represent a feminine aspect of your psyche}. Every image and action in a dream has a symbolic meaning {and could be addressing a literal experience} which must be interpreted.

One important thing to know about dreams is your dreams are about you and your emotions. Everyone else is either in relationship to your emotions or symbolically represents some aspect of yourself.

I'll provide more in my analysis.


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Re: Jail, snakes, temptation, sex, boats

My sense of your dream is there are the unconscious energies that cause you to need to supplement a lack of proper childhood nourishment with sexual relationships. These energies are motivators for your conscious behavior and because of the problems that cause in your life in relationships there s built up guilt that you may now know you need to get control of. Snakes symbolize both sexual aspects {the penis/Freudian} as well as a need to for a transformation {as well as transforming you}. But you have to recognize the underlying psychological reasons for your actions before any real progress can be made toward removing these energies/motivators. This is a psychological issue first which transforms into conscious actions. The beginning for that starts with childhood and seeing what issues are from those formative years {the first 3 three years are when the psyche is formed and by age 9 personality is pretty much set}. What was your childhood like? What is it that is missing that cause you to use sexual relationships as a replacement? Seeking fulfillment sexually {sex is an inherent aspect of the human condition/all animals} for what was missing from childhood.

The transformation meaning of the snakes. In the dream the 1000s of snakes suggest the need to understand and resolve the issues from childhood are getting stronger. Age will bring about some resolution {unless there is a severe sexual addition} and a realization you do need to do something about your emotional life and relationships {running all these 1000s snakes over thinking they wont be able to do anything}. But this is merely denting the surface with the real issues lying beneath the surface in your unconscious {the motivators}. You are confined/constricted by the unconscious energies {jail} in being able to have a proper relationship with your gf. You to 'break in' to the unconscious aspects and make repairs to your damaged psyche {from childhood}. Other wise these issues will keep coming down to cause havoc in your life, the unconscious {basement} energies keep pulling you away from normalcy into the need for sex as a replacement for childhood nourishment/security, acceptance that was lacking in your childhood. The conscious mind is happy to wallow in this condition {sexual} for awhile but as you get older you begin to realize you can not sustain a proper life because of the desires for sex. The women you have sex with are replacements for what was lacking in childhood. Some people use food, some drugs, some alcohol. It is an addition and how severe may determine your future, psychologically as well as being able to maintain a proper and healthy relationship with one woman.

I usually provide an interpretation of the dream images and actions to help the dreamer understand their symbolic meaning {how I get to some of the interpretations is strictly from experience in working with dreams}. I started doing this with your dream until I recognized a constant pattern {I look for emotional patterns of behavior from the symbolic images/actions}. The rest of the dream fell in line with the particular pattern I described to you so I didn't interpret all of them. Once a patter is recognized it must all come together with the rest of the dream and fit within the whole dream. What I stated in my summary in the beginning does fit together in the whole dream. Then taking what you had to say about your cheating on your gf, well, if the shoe is a size nine and fits you must wear what the images/actions state. It all fits together.

What you said about getting it together also comes through in the dream. Being a mechanic is why some of the images/actions were used as symbolic representations, you having stopped breaking into repair shops being what you need to do with the inner self. The bad sex with your gf may on the surface seem to be the crux of the problem but it goes much deeper than that. Either you take steps to resolve the inner burglar or the crimes to you psyche and life will get much worse. It is a psychological problem.

Interpretation of the images/symbols {including the dream title which is usually an unconscious depiction of what the dream is trying to communicate}.

Jail, snakes, temptation, sex, boats
-guilt, hidden fears related to sex, desires and gratification, a conscious transition in confronting and expressing your emotions

First Paragraph
-friends on a boat-resolving rejected aspects within your psyche/personality
-dangerous small area with rocks-imprinted negative attitudes related to insecurities
-still driving around/no fear crashing into rocks or pier-going through life unabated by fear of clashing with solid foundations of early life imprinting {conscious actions conforming to unconscious motivating energies
-talking about getting another one/faster one-
-stealing a $20K engine to put in boat-replacing deprived/unfulfilled aspects with stronger conscious actions
-best friend, sister, gf in jail house-constricted by rejected emotional aspects/feelings of guilt
-locked up in room in basement-emotional energies within your unconscious
-let out to do some things, do chores around house-actions related to cleaning up what is within {motivating energies}/making changes in your lifestyle
-mom sends 4 of us late xmas gifts-nurturing aspects coming late
-detroit lions clothes-aspects that fit your persona

Second Paragraph {up to was scared and was in jail}
-lady watching was high school secretary messed around with-emotional aspects that confine you to particular conscious actions
-tried to avoid her/wouldn't cheat on gf-avoiding conscious actions/feelings of guilt
-scared/in jail avoided guard-fears/trying to avoid

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


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