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I birthed a calf

In my dream I gave birth to a calf. When it was born it was thirsty, I had been instructed to give it liquids immediately. I pumped my breasts but no milk came out, so I sent my two human children to a well to get it water, but the best well I knew only had a little bit of rusty water in it. I felt responsible yet helpless, as (I think) I was immobile after giving birth.

In waking life, I have no children and don't want to have a baby anytime soon.

I haven't been able to find any information that satisfies my curiosity about this dream; what could this represent?

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 29 Female, West Elk Mountains

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Re: I birthed a calf

I sense the dream is addressing two different aspects of your life {as all dreams do}. The first would go to your childhood foundations and nourishment never received. This comes through strongly in the dream images/actions. Because of this lack of emotional nourishment {parental} you lack the abilities in your personal growth. These are underlying energies that are a part of your personality and personal attitudes and play into your current life situation. That current situation would be the second aspect the dream is focused on.

The second is something I sense is not as strong as the first and involves current endeavor you are having difficulties with. Part of these difficulties go back to your foundations. This would point to personality traits where old attitudes need to change and new attitudes developed. These may involve projects or relationships you are engaged with. You have hidden abilities but because of certain developed attitudes you have been unable to tap into those talents and feel trapped. I can only speak to the outlines of the current experiences, only you can know what they are.

Here is my interpretation of the images/actions in your dream. I provide these because they often help the dreamer recognize something about their emotional life beyond what I can see.

-gave birth to a calf-a need to develop certain qualities/new attitudes
-it was born thirsty-unmet needs, filling an emotional void
-instructed to give it liquids immediately-emotions you give attention to
-pumped my breasts but no milk- seeking nourishment never received
-sent to my two children to a well to get water-childhood related experiences that goes deep/great depths to your present emotional state of mind
-best well I knew-neglected attitudes that affect your ability to grow {personal growth}
-felt responsible but helpless-helpless emotions you feel responsible for
-think I was immobile after giving birth-feeling trapped from earliest life experiences

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


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