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Rape dream

I had a dream that woke me up sweating ! My boyfriend and I are having real problems lately , so I don't know if that has something to do with it .. But here goes .... I had a dream that I walked into my boyfriends rv . I was so mad wen I went there that I thought I was going to hurt him .but wen I walked into the door there was a nasty looking crack head man there . I didn't want to argue with my boyfriend so I just sat on the stair leading up to the bedroom .all of a sudden the man gets up and starts walking towards me . I go to stand up thinking he wanted to get by me to maybe use the. Restroom that was in the bedroom . But instead he grabbed me by my waist and was trying to get me to the bedroom . At first I thought maybe he was drunk so I tried to just push him away and laugh it off off .. Wen he won't stop I said to my boyfriend to get his boy off me , he took one step towards me and then put his head down and turned away ! I was stunted and started yelling at him , all the while still trying to fight this man off me ..I happened to look back and saw another man that I hadn't noticed before sitting on the bed so then I knew I was in trouble . I managed to get myself to the door and swing it open . We both fell out onto the ground and I got up and began kicking the man in his head . I was so afraid that the other man would come outside that I woke myself up !! This dream is really bothering me ! Especially the part that my boyfriend just turned away .. Please can somebody help me to figure out the meaning of this dream ? Is it trying to tell me something ?

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Re: Rape dream

My sense of the dream is there are inner and outer issues to do with masculine aspects/male relationships. The crackhead guy in your dream may point to an inner realization your bf is a 'user' and you feel {at least at times} you are being used. Instead of taking actions to remedy this you are passive and let it go. The rape would point to inner resentful feelings of being used as well as resentment toward yourself for allowing it to happen {which goes to personality traits and developed attitudes}. Rape isn't a real rape but symbolic of being taken advantage of, resentful feelings.

There also seems to be something in the dream that points to one reason for a reluctance to do or say anything. Intimacy, either sexual or/and a deep need for affection would be a barrier in expressing your true feelings. The unknown/unnoticed man would be your animus/masculine self, a lack of strength/will to express your true feelings because the need for this intimacy {on the bed I knew I was in trouble}. This is one major reason you stay in the relationship. The underlying reasons {the deeper issues of personality and attitudes} would be the inner aspect the dream is attempting to communicate. If you go back to childhood and look experiences in relationships {with your mother/father/you} and you will probably see intimacy issues.

You may be at a point where you realize you need to do something. In the dream you manage to get to the door and swing it open. This would represent opening up to the issues in the relationship {and a deeper need to examine the inner intimacy issues}. 'Both of you falling to the ground' would represent bot the inner and outer issues 'falling back'/going back to your foundations/early life experiences/influences {childhood}. 'If' and when you get the strength to realize you need to make changes {relationships} you will kick your bf {symbolically} in the head as well as kicking yourself for the mentality of letting him use you.

The above may not fit perfectly in your real life but from experience I believe it will be close. The bf relationship as well as the father relationship may have a lot in common.

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