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Baby metamorphosis

I had a dream my boyfriend and I went meant to go out to a club (in real life he likes to party a lot whereas I don't, and wish he e content with home life versus party life). Just as we were getting ready we suddenly remembered we had a baby (we don't have one in real life) and couldn't go out as we didn't have a babysitter. We both felt happy to stay at home with the baby. We went to check on the baby and it then turned into a Ladybug and was flying around the room.

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Re: Baby metamorphosis

I forgot to mention I am female

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Re: Baby metamorphosis

First let me state that dreams have a language of symbol and metaphor. Second, all dreams, all dream images have at least two meanings/applications and yours is no exception. Thirdly, dreams are about the emotional and the energies that are in conflict and/or have influence or motivate your personality. One application of the dream usually addresses a more recent emotional issue. Another usually goes to the foundations of why your personality is the way it is and why you feel a certain way {rather stay at home than partying}. I'll provide an analysis of both {even with this short dream and the limited knowledge I have about you}. Every word, every action has a specific meaning and when put together {like a puzzle} forms a pattern of behavior that a trained dream analyst will recognize {and the dreamer as well when the dream is interpreted correctly}. I do have very little info about you {age and gender} so the personal stuff is hard to name as well as greater specifics. If I knew more about you {as would an analyst} I could fit the dream images/actions neatly if not perfectly to your actual life.

First application/meaning. Your wish that your bf would stay home vs going out is an aspect the dream is addressing. You state this in your post so it isn't difficult to fit the two together. The baby would represent something new in your relationship, your desire your bf would rather stay home and be contented with home life}. Because you don't have an actual baby we know there is not a literal application to the images {the few times anything is literal in a dream is when it involves someone very close, a close relationship as is your bf}. The baby would be that new thing in your life that would fit with your personal desires of staying home, your bf feeling the same way. You wish the both of you felt the same way {dream language:We both felt happy to stay at home}. The baby would be your bf.
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The second application would go to why you would rather stay at home and not be a party person like your bf. Whereas in the first application where your bf was his true self, in this application he would represent a part of yourself, a masculine. Usually this points to a rejected aspect that seeks to be resolved {a negative part of yourself that is resolved into a positive aspect}. he would represent a stronger masculine personality/attitude where you are more at ease in public situations {club}. This would require an inner transformation {memory/remembered} into something new, a new attitude/baby within you. Because of early life influences/experiences your personality is built on the
'introverted' person that you are instead of a balanced person who are all meant to be {nature intended us to be balanced}. You can't go out because you have to not only 'babysit' your bf's extroverted personality but also the inner out of balance aspect {which is not a serious problem, introverted people tend to possess this trait}. Being happy to stay home {the dream language} would balance the lacking masculine aspects with the feminine aspect. Deep down there is a need for balance to be truly happy, the inner self would need to find something new within to achieve this. You are restricted be early life programming {as well as DNA that makes you an introvert} and this is symbolized by the dream language 'turned into a Ladybug and was flying around the room'.

All in all your introverted personality is not the problem in this second application. What could be a problem is why you have a bf who is a party person/likely an introvert instead of someone who matches your personality {staying home}. You may be compensating your lack of inner balance by choosing a relationship which is opposite your personality type. If you look at your childhood you may find reasons for this. The first place to look is your parent's personality traits. Are they opposite each other? A second would be the individual personality characteristics of your mother and father. There may be something in one of them that pushes you toward be a home person. Of course DNA/genes has something to do with personality but the path in life we choose is always influenced by early life foundations. What you need to do is be sure your romantic relationships are not built on compensating what is lacking in your persona traits and is one built on a supportive relationship that lasts because it does support each other. The dream may very well be addressing this issue as second application {and a primary one at that}. This is a usual thing with dreams, addressing the deeper aspects that cause with the recent personal experiences/relationships.

Below is my interpretation of the images/actions in your dream {I interpret the images/actions but analyze the whole dream looking for patterns of behavior}. I usually provide these so the dreamer will better understand the symbolic meaning and possibly recognize something beyond what I provide in my analysis summary. The dream title {which is usually an unconscious thing} often names what the dream is about.

Dream Title
Baby Metamorphosis
-changes in your personal life to something new

Dream Images/Actions
-bf-actual person/masculine
-went to club-social aspects of your life and your sense of belonging
-remembered we had a baby-rid yourself of your old ways and undergo a transformation {memory} into something new {baby}
-we couldn't go out/didn't have babysitter-Lacking strong masculine aspects {we-one part masculine}/strongly express your emotions/have to 'babysit'
-we both felt happy to stay at home-male/female aspects in balance/being your true self {inner home}
-with baby-with new attitude/beginnings {wish bf would want to stay home}
-went to check on the baby/turned into ladybug flying around the room-examine yourself related to inner issues/issues with inner attitudes that that restrict your personal growth {flying/freedom from restrictions}

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


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