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Repeating dream

I have this dream where the world is desert a dry rocky place but flat with steep inclines in the Rock and there was this valley with a ground level path through the middle and a guy in a dune buggy heads through it when stopped by an alien like creature that couldn't see but it licked the guys face and then killed him because he was human

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Re: Repeating dream

Are you experiencing changes in your life that are hard to adjust to? Perhaps a new environment or with new person{s}? It is difficult to adjust to but you also can see new opportunities or possibilities. It is an emotional time in your life.

Here is my interpretation of the images and actions from your dream. I usually provide these with my analysis since it helps the dream better understand the symbolic/metaphorical language that our dreams use.

-world is a desert-feelings of isolation and hopelessness and tremendous stress within yourself
-dry, rocky place-hard time in your life
-flat with steep inclines in the Rock-emotional obstacles
-valley with a ground level path-transitional opportunities that put you on a level path
-through the middle-being practical but also emotional
-guy in dune buggy-making changes in your attitude
-stopped by an alien like creature couldn't see-difficulty adapting to new possibilities, environment and/or person
-licked the guy's face-appealing to persona
-killed him because he was human-changed you because of emotions


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