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Speeding Car

HELLO! I've been having dreams about driving to run errands a lot lately or driving on a freeway. I just recently had a dream of me driving somewhere, I forgot where I was going at the time but I was speeding. There was a car waiting to turn and I came from around it and went in front of it and sped to get on the freeway. I turned my radio up really loud while driving to my destination. When I was on the freeway , I got confused on which exit to take. I hit something and I felt like the car was going to lose control. There was a truck that blew it's horn and pulled from behind me. I didn't see what it was that I hit. I got scared and manauvered onto the side of the freeway. My dreams always have things in random places that they aren't supposed to be. When I got out of the car on the side of the road there was a school on top of the freeway. I went inside of the school and there was a school band practing in a auditorium. It looked like middle school students. I stood in the back and watched and tried to take pictures of it with my cell phone to send to my sister.One of the students came and showed me a cake with icing and tried to feed me some, I only ate a little corner of it. I went outside the auditorium and I could see the freeway from under me, it had many loops and turns. I tried to jump down onto the freeway to retrieve my car but I was told not to by one of the students.

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Re: Speeding Car

Cars in dreams are basic symbols for the direction in life you are going {or need/want to go}. If someone other than you is driving your car it would {on one level which there are at least two or more} suggests you are not in full control of your destination or/and life. Your car is you.

My sense from your car dream is you tend to get ahead of yourself in doing things, speeding to get things done, trying to not let pressures bother you {turning up the radio to drown out the 'noise'/pressures}, confusion at times of which way to go/what to do first because of responsibilities. At times feel you are not in total control the heavy load on you putting even more pressure on you {truck that blew horn}. What was hit was emotional pressures that require you to maneuver yourself in everyday life to cope and find solutions. On one level the dream is addressing pressures in life but on a deeper level it is also addressing your personality and personal attitudes that cause you to act and react as you do to these pressures. You probably have inherent tendencies in your actions/reactions, negative aspects that need to be recognized so you can better deal with pressures in life. The first part of the dream seems to be focused on the everyday pressures and your general attitudes. There are likely deeper issues involved which the last part of the dream may be addressing. Getting around one pressure/issue and having ti deal with others.

Dreams where you have things in random places that are not supposed to be not only could be addressing undue pressures that should not/you wish were not there in your current adult life, but also deeper emotional aspects to do with personality and foundations of attitudes you possess. All dreams have at least two meanings/applications with at least one aspect dealing with the deeper aspects of personality and personal attitudes. Things that are not supposed to be there could be emotional energies/experiences from earlier life that should not be there, issues from childhood or from traumatic experiences that affect you in negative ways. The school on top of the freeway could point to a need to learn {mentally-on top/your mind} more about the 'inner' aspects that you need to be 'liberated' from {need to expose and eliminate the emotional energies generated by negative experiences in your earlier life}. Going inside the school is going into your unconscious self and learning about these inner things {psychological}. The school is you {as is your car, your house, etc.}. The 'middle school' reference may actually be a reference to experiences while you were in middle school {time frames/places in dreams are usual references to actual real life experiences}.

Taking pictures with your cell phone may point to unconscious 'pictures' that you need to understand that affect your actions/reactions as an adult. The part about the cake and icing may point to the need to learn to share and allocate your workload instead of trying to do everything yourself {cake}. The icing may point to 'superficial' actions, instead of being in full control you have to make yourself believe you are in order to survive in life. Emotional nourishment may be involved {lacking in early life} which would be part of the foundations to your personality and personal attitudes as an adult. You ate only a corner which may signify feelings of frustration and lack of control in making decisions as well as having only a bit of require emotional nourishment in early life {which would cause feelings of your frustration/lack of control}. The dream seems to be pointing to many emotional experiences in your life that have affected your personality/attitudes {many loops and turns}. Jumping down to the freeway would be free of the unconscious energies that motivate your conscious actions. Retrieving your car would be retrieving from the unconscious these negative experiences/issues from earlier life so you will understand why you act/feel as you do as an adult. The underlying issues/emotions have control over your conscious actions/decisions. You don't know of these unconscious energies and because the ego had rather live life not knowing {emotional issues cause pain to the waking ego life} you are told not to bother trying to understand.

My interpretation of the images/actions are partly based on their symbolic accepted representations {in line with Jungian concepts} as well as an intuitive reading of them. They are an outline of the possibilities that would fit your general personality. The actual personal experiences can only be known by you but they should fit within the outline of the emotional energies they represent. This would cause superficial {icing} actions on your part, lacking the emotional nourishment that is required for proper personal growth. There are probably specific personal experiences involved that are the 'icing' on the cake only you could know about {look at the middle school years}. You are probably facing a lot of stress in your life and the dream is addressing those issues. Why you act/react as you do to certain situations would be the deeper aspects the dream is trying to communicate {the function of dreams is to help resolve those issues as well as the underlying reasons for inner emotional conflicts}. Resolving the underlying issues will benefit in the short term in dealing with the stresses but it is the long term help that understanding and resolving the deeper emotional issues which are more important.

To get a better understanding of my analysis and how dreams function read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams.

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


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