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Strange dream within a dream from last night- thoughts please!

I had a weird dream last night. I was with this guy, we were inside, it was bright, and I think we were rehearsing lines, I guess preparing for a play (I act in community theater). Only he knew his lines- I had my script and was still reading them. He was no one I know in real life, but I felt very comfortable with him.
Then we were outside, and it was night. We were throwing or hitting a ball back and forth. And it got darker and darker, and I gradually lost sight of him, until it was pitch black and I couldn't see him or anything anymore, and I started panicking. I tried to find any light source, but I couldn't. I wondered why there weren't any street lamps. Then I woke up (still in the dream), with a start, and very upset. The guy that I was with before in the dream comes over out of the dark and comforts me. Then I woke up (for real).
I'd really appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!

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Re: Strange dream within a dream from last night- thoughts please!

Anonymous- DB,
My sense of your dream is there is/was a masculine aspect {unknown guy}, probably involving an actual man, that left an emotional impression on you and you have lost contact or/and forgotten much about the experiences. This person/aspect was probably involved in your early life and you have conflicting impressions of him. There are positive impressions yet something about the relationship that also causes negative feelings. There is a need or desire to be 'illuminated' to these inner emotions but have not been able to do so. This could suggest you have been consciously trying to remember aspects about this person/experience or/and actively searching for him

As for having a dream within a dream. This represents your emotional state of mind at the dream you had the actual dream. A dream within a dream allows you to experience certain difficult feelings that may otherwise be too painful to confront or experiences that were repressed or forgotten you now need/wish to access.

To get a better understanding of my analysis and how dreams function read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams.

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


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Re: Strange dream within a dream from last night- thoughts please!

Thanks so much for your thoughts Jerry. That's very interesting, and I'll have to think about it. I was thinking the other day about a guy I used to be close with but I haven't heard from him in a while.


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Re: Strange dream within a dream from last night- thoughts please!

My feeling is you should focus on what you truly wanting to create in life. The man in the dream represents the side of yourself that already know( which is an aspect within all of us). The ball throwing back and forth represents you integrating this inner knowing with your concious self. In other words you are working on it. Think of it this way...this is your production, you have an opportunity to get to know your lines -what you are creating for yourself. The man just represents that aspect of yourself that already know. There is no need to worry, that inner knowing is who you are. It will always come forth no matter how dark the times. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean its there. Sounds like decisions in life need to be made. You're all good, you have everything you need. Just my opinion.

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