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Lucid dream - very strange and interesting at the same time...

So before I was about to wake up - I started to feel completely paralized when this man's bold/strange voice started talking. It sounded like he was right next to me...on my right ear's side. He started to talk about a place where he comes from but I don't remember the exact words I forgot. All I remember about the place he was mentioning was that there is fire/darkness and power. As he was speaking I was excited to hear what else he has to say but for some reason my body was trying to wake UP like opening my eyes and he said " no no I haven't finished yet" and that's when the voice stopped because I woke up!!! I hate that part...

On the other hand, I can give you the closest sample of how his voice sounded like. I used to play this game 4 years ago and the man's voice reminded me of this game's voice character.


What do you guys think it could mean? I honestly hope that he'll talk to me again.

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Re: Lucid dream - very strange and interesting at the same time...

Dreams, whether normal or lucid, are communications from the unconscious. They attempt to 'enlighten' the dreamer about emotional energies/conflicts/issues that need attention by the dreamer with the ultimate goal being a resolution to the emotional energies/conflicts/issues. Your dream is no different other than it is using a method from real life to illustrate what needs to be discovered, understood and resolved. The dream content will fit your waking life in many aspects but the dream language is primary symbol and metaphor.

In your dream {fragmented and not easy to provide a detailed analysis} the man's voice would be your own inner voice but also could represent a waking voice that is associated with the emotional issues the dream is attempting to communicate. Being bold would suggest it carries emotional weight and strange would point to not being conscious known {unknown}. The right side often represents conscious reality/rational thinking. This may point to personality issues {do you play a lot of on line games?} where you need to be more rational {you noted the game play which suggests a familiarity with gaming}. Lucid dreaming is also an activity many people engage, 'playing' with their dreams {lucid dreaming can be a valuable tool in personal growth but playing with dreams can be counter productive}. I suggest these possibilities because they are just that {again, not enough content for a proper analyzing of your dream}.

As for the fire/darkness and power. Those would, on one level, be symbolic of the emotional issues the dream is communicating. Fire can represent desire, passion, anger, many other possibilities. Darkness is the unconscious as well as a fear of the unknown, failure in some aspect of life, etc. Power is the level of power these emotional energies have on you. It could also represent compensating for a waking situation where you felt powerless. Look at your life and determine how these images would fit with your personality, personal attitudes, goals, achievements {or lack of}, etc.

As for the excitement in the dream, this would be the excitement of realizing aspects about yourself that would improve your life {most dreams are addressing negative issues that need resolution}. The body when awake is controlled by the ego which is bias and selfish for what is easy and not always best. Waking up to what is better {resolving the issues in your life} would be open your eyes to reality. 'No no I haven't finished yet' would suggest there are issues left unfinished, not only emotional issues that need resolution but also issues in your everyday waking life as well.

I sense the dream is partly addressing your personality and perhaps 'reality'. But again there is so little content from the dream a proper analysis is not possible. A complete dream just as it occurred is needed to provide an analysis based on the interpretation of the images/actions and to be able to discern any patterns that will reveal what the dream message is. In a proper analysis of a dream I break down the dream and images and actions and interpret those in a context so to discover developing patterns that reveal the true emotions of the dreamer.

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


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Re: Lucid dream - very strange and interesting at the same time...


Hello Jerry,

I greatly appreciate the reply you provided. It helped me think about some things about myself. Your answer is long and very professional. I don't know how to thank you enough. I wish I'd have more information about the dream to share with you.

Thank you very much again and God Bless!

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