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False awakenings??

So, I keep having these dreams where I'll wake up but I'll be extremely tired. It's hard to move and I'm dragging my feet around, struggling to keep my eyes open. Whenever I close my eyes for too long in the dream (around 2+ seconds) when I open them I'll be waking up in bed again. And this will repeat itself around 10 times before I finally wake up for real. Lately, I've been having this same dream almost every night but it changes according to where I fall asleep (i.e. if i fall asleep in my boyfriends bed, I "wake up" and walk around my boyfriends house, not my own.) There's no sleep walking involved as far as I know, but it is extremely scary to me for some reason. After the second or third time waking up I realize it's a dream and I panic and get scared and all I want to do is wake up and the false awakenings are like "yay i'm finally awake!" but then I fake wake up again, and it's really scary/stressful and I always wake up feeling kind of tired from being stressed out all night. Why do I keep having these?!

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Re: False awakenings??

False awakening is just that. You have not yet woken up to an important emotional issue that needs your attention, understanding and resolution. Either you are repressing negative experience{s} from earlier life or ignoring it. Repression could suggest you are not consciously aware of the issues having pushed them deep within your unconscious. If you are ignoring them it would be because of the painful experiences. Either way you have not yet acknowledged the problems. A dream within a dream serves as a layer of protection from what you are feeling. It allows you to unconsciously experience certain difficult emotions that may otherwise be too painful to confront.

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