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Ive had the same loose tooth every time

The dream starts out with me talking to people, either at a party or get together, and as im talking to people i realize a tooth on the bottom right is loose and as it wiggles around it causes me extreme distress its so painful that i get the courage to keep pushing my tongue underneath it, after the tooth eventually falls off i am soooo relieved! and i actually go in the mirror to look at it and every time i can always see the new tooth growing in, its almost like im 10 and my adult teeth are growing in or something, but ive had this same dream multiple times, im just not sure what it means.

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Re: Ive had the same loose tooth every time

Womanly Panther,
One general meaning of teeth relates to communication/expression and one tooth may suggest there is one aspect about yourself/in your life you need to express/communicate. When analyzing dreams each symbol/action is interpreted in a manner where it provides a cohesive statement about the dreamer's emotional self. When you are talking to people {in a dream} it may have a literal aspect in talking to people but because dreams do have a language of symbol and metaphor, talking to yourself would be more about addressing the ability/desire to express yourself. One tooth would be one of aspect related to this 'communication' aspect. The question becomes what is this one aspect the dream is focused.

In the dream there is a realization about this one tooth/aspect and it is on the bottom right and is loose. Because it is a 'dream realization' it is likely still unconscious and not yet a conscious reality {standard in dreams since much of what dreams are about point to unconscious aspects}. But interpreting just one word in this statement normally doesn't get to its true meaning but when put together it helps form a pattern. The bottom could point to the base or your foundations, the right direction representing conscious reality and being loose pointing to this one aspect that has become or is becoming consciously realized {it is unconscious needing to be made conscious}. When you wiggle or 'move' this one aspect around in your mind it causes you extreme distress {emotionally}. In other words it is something so painful that when you give thought about it it causes you distress. If you keep 'pushing' your tongue under it, making yourself consciously express this one aspect that is unconscious and painful, you have to 'get the courage' {have the strength to make the unconscious 'thing' conscious} to do so. When you do this, make the painful thing conscious, the tooth will fall out and there is relief {expressing this one conscious aspect about yourself will cause relief because you have acknowledged what it is}. The intent of dreams is to bring unconscious aspects to consciousness so you can resolve the emotional conflicts and heal the wounds.

What could this one aspect {tooth} be that needs expression? When you 'actually' {conscious reality} go to 'in the mirror' you are 'going inside' your unconscious and seeing the reflection of your true self that needs to be exposed/expressed. It is then a new tooth, a new aspect within you that can grow {new tooth growing} as it should {which may suggest this one aspect/tooth has affected your personal growth}. You have to remove this one tooth/aspect {painful} so to let the new tooth/aspect grow.

The last sentence may be a clue to where to look for what this tooth represents. At age 10 was there an experience in your life that could have caused painful emotions and affected your growth in adulthood? Because teeth in general are a symbol of expressing yourself it could point to a personality trait related to being able to express yourself. Do you tend to hold things in instead of expressing your true emotions? Dreams commonly use age to point to 'literal' experiences even when the language is not a part of the dream but an added statement to the dream {it is an unconscious act}. This experience would have affected you in such a way not only to be painful but also to affect your growth in one particular aspect {one tooth}. That one thing could be an ability to properly express yourself emotionally, or in some other way where expression is important.
The dream states you are talking to people, at a party, and you have this realization. That could, or could not, be a clue.

Note: I do request a response to my analysis. My services are free and a response is the least that can be given. A contribution of any amount to my Kitty Fund would be appreciated but not required.


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