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A dream about a dark poem

Hi, my name is Tal, I'm 19 years old from Israel.

Throughout my whole life I've been dreaming "weird" dreams, but nothing too much out of the ordinary, nothing as scary as what I'm writing about.

Yesterday night I woke up at around 04:30 (I usually wake up 2 or 3 times a night, but go back to sleep immediately), as always I was awake for a few minutes and then turned to the other side and went back to sleep, I fell asleep after a minute or two and then the dream began, I was dreaming of reading a poem out loud, I could see the poem written in white English font on black background which was weird because I've never had a dream in English, my native language is Hebrew. and next to each sentence there were drawings of witches / goblins / scary masks and faces, stuff I've never ever seen before.

I can't remember the exact words of the poem but I remember it was about Witches / Evil spirits who are kidnapping children in some sort of cold/snowy country, I remember reading about 3 children who were already gone.

Here is a sentence I could remember from the poem, this was the last sentence : "Oh oh oh oh and keep their souls in the depths for all eternity".
After this sentence there was a drawing of something resembling a round gate or black hole with a skull inside it.
While I was reading the poem i felt bad and scared, even after I woke up I continued to feel uneasy for another few hours.

I've never ever read anything as wicked or as scary as this poem was, the dream came out of nowhere and it made me feel really bad.

Anyone have any idea what this dream was all about? definitely the scariest dream I've ever had.

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Re: A dream about a dark poem

I'll provide an analysis of your dream on Tuesday.


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Re: A dream about a dark poem

Without the whole dream in the order as it occurred it is difficult to give a proper interpretation. But I sense two possibilities from the images and actions you have provided.

One would be related to childhood where you witnessed/experienced actions/scenes of destruction/dangerous situations. You may have felt danger to yourself from these scenes/actions, creating strong emotions that would leave impressions on your psyche. These could cause fears within you that you have suppress because they represent evil and danger. It is better to keep these things hidden less they cause emotional stress if you think about them. If this is the reason for the dream there would likely have been a recent experience that would stimulated these hidden aspects of fear and danger.

As to why you had this dream in English may point to something related to something 'english'.

The other possibility would also have to do with recent experiences but more personal. Are you going through a transition in any aspect of your life? The childhood reference in the dream could be addressing issues from your childhood or of children in the present time where death and destruction are a part. Living in the part of the world you live may be relevant.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 65

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