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This is merely an outline of possibilities {given the lack of dream content}. There is a masculine association and the spiritual aspect seemingly interjecting itself as well. Animus qualities are a standard aspect in women's dreams, partly because women have found great independence and acceptance over the past 100 years, and have had to utilize masculine qualities in their outer/social life for survival.

Dreams deal with the inner masculine qualities. But the language of dreams is mostly symbol and metaphor. Your personal life is noted in your dreams, but it is the underlying energies {represented by the images and actions} that are 'readable' by an experienced dream analyst. The dream is addressing both. By recognizing patterns from the dream language, and interpreting them so to determine where they fit in the waking {emotional} life, you get the message of the dream. And the underlying reasons for personality, traits, actions and reactions, and more often then not, influencing why you 'who you were' in a recent waking life experience that possesses strong emotional energies {and occurred 1/2/3 days prior to the dream}. Two levels in every dream {or more}. Only you can know the waking life experience, and I, when providing a proper analysis of the dream, can offer insights to the inner world where the 'true you' resides.

If you can post more of the dream in some context that it happened I may be able to provide more insights. Most dreams are very readable. All dreams can be properly analyzed using Jungian {psychological} concepts. But there has to be content to analyze, a more complete story in the dream, before a thorough and proper analysis can be given.


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