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Re: The Natural Dynamic


Thank you so much for your response and interpretation. I really am finding this return part of the journey to be a different animal to the journey which was so tough in such different ways. That was like having the boundaries of my world stretched and this stretching revealed so many parts of my authentic Self. I learned so much about who I am but it is a struggle coming back I guess there is this old world this deep foundational world as you say that I seem to be swirling in a haze of past present and future. There are some tensions with my family as I change the way I act with them and see things in a different light to before and I guess I am struggling to negotiate between being who I am and accepting other people the way they are without trying to change them. It's a tough kind of thing and I find myself taking different perspectives to try and figure out the best way of being for all of us where I don't compromise who I am and have become in order to keep peace but also without straining relationships by asserting my new growths. I guess I am learning to pick my battles in a battlefield of greys. At any rate I appreciate and am grateful for your reply and interpretation for the wisdom and inspiration from the hero's journey once again. I feel I am doing all I can and should be doing and so I must trust in the process.
I can see these dynamics in my life. I am thinking that the dream is about how I deal with conflicts at home which I take to be the boar (sometimes my mother sometimes my brother with my dad I don't seem to have such issues we don't trample on toes so much) but yes so I have these instinctual reactions from behind me I guess unconscious approaches. I see the horse as being the strong powerful expressions of anger a more assertive type of approach I take where I get angry at people which I never used to do before. The cow definitely is my other reaction it is the passive approach it's the one I've always taken to conflicts at home but that's changed while I've been away and experienced the importance of emotional intelligence and expression. Anyway so when I go through these conflicts again I am still trying to figure out the best approach but unable to decide I am stuck consciously perhaps and so overlook these unconscious dynamics play out and see which works best. The horse is a new development but is still a bit wild. I see he could help me. Hmm. This is how I am interpreting this dream now. Does this seem valid?

Thanks, Jimmy

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Re: The Natural Dynamic

As noted time and again in my analysis of dreams I can not pen exact personal experiences that are derived from the images/actions in a dream. I can only outline the energies that define and relate to the personal experiences and which are a product of personality foundations and emotional stimulus. The first part of your response fits with this general outline. The experiences you named related to your family and the dynamics you are realizing would seem to fit the personal aspects. The ability to fit the universal experiences {monomyth} with the personal will help as a guide for the future since having recognized both you will have a general map of what is to come and you can expect for the future. Instead of making a wrong turn and having to retrace your footsteps and start over, knowing what lies ahead will allow you to reach the pinnacle of success you seek in your creative and spiritual life {these two aspects defining who you are}. Staying the course is key for that success. The road of trials is a life long encounter/test but when you learn to follow the hero path instinctively you will find open doors at every turn. The laws of Karma rule and when you live a spiritual life {forget religion,think of good deeds} you naturally have the helping hands of fate on your side. Meaning and purpose will be realized and striving to fulfill your meaning/your purpose will come about because you are controlling your own fate using a formula that is embedded within nature {and not man's laws which are controlled by ego}. This dream is as it should be considering where you are in life and your own hero journey.

Note. To get a good understanding of Karma {one that fits with my concept} go to this site Good Karma, Bad Karma &
The Law of Cause and Effect


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