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Re: Women Being taken away

Thanks Gigi. The info helps. I dont usually reference an actual recent experience and because my analysis is not completed the actual reference would to the animus would reveal itself eventually {in the dream}. I usually make this note,
"an experienced dream analysis can at best read the outlines of the energies involved {emotional} and seldom an actual recent experience other than it has animus associations". Male figures in a woman's dream are always animus related, sometimes good but most often negative.

Of course this is true when knowing only your age and gender. Using Jungian psyche I am convinced dreams can be analyzed and interpreted properly/successfully in most all instances, if the analyst has full knowledge of the dreamer's life and psychology. Dreams are no longer the great mystery they once were {especially before Jung came along}. The unconscious holds the truths and dreams are a direct connection to that other world.

Another note. Knowing there is a not a recent experience involving a man, that would immediately lead me to look for earlier life influences with the masculine that helped formed you animus. Understanding the patterns/laws of behavior are central to properly analyzing dreams.

We'll see where it goes with my final analysis.

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Re: Women Being taken away

As I stated in my previous post I normally provide an interpretation of individual images and actions in a dream. I began doing that and with the added info you provided determined the pattern{s} were becoming obvious {the images in the latter parts of the dream confirming the patterns}. Here is what I came up with interpreting the images/actions from the first part of the dream.

-man with dreadlocks-masculine aspects/ideas that you unconsciously reject
-hippie/skater-excessive energies in maintaining balance in social circles
-about neighborhood-your sense of total self
-street had become narrow from buildings/cars-your path/direct in life has become restricted
-said hadn't seen it/would go look-need to understand what you are unconsciously aware of
-saw in distance large female figure-seeking greater things with feminine aspects/greater self
-being carried on a plank-controlled by vulnerable emotions
-coming from hospital/building near by-personality aspects caused by emotional energies need that require healing
-black woman that was dead-unconscious roots that have caused internal/external harm
-was naked-exposing/expressing these emotions
-blanket/blouse covering her breasts-covering up heart emotions related to nourishment

From the above images/actions and what you provided in your follow up post I see the dream addressing those issues related to childhood development that have restricted your personality and personal attitudes. You state there is not a man involved but instead the masculine/animus. This is true but not true. Your animus has been affected by early life experiences with male{s} in your life and that is what has limited your anima. The foundations/roots your life is built on defines your personality and attitudes in later life {this is true for everyone}. There is anger with males but the prime issue seems to be with females, most likely your mother {unconsciously your mother is dead-she never provided the required emotional nourishment}. The childhood issues are now adult issues manifested into attitudes that limit personal growth.

But there is another message I see within the dream. Anytime there is a large African American woman in a dream is almost always aligned with new discoveries and positive transformations in the waking life {I had these type dreams in my personal journey, at a time when I realized my true calling/abilities in dream analysis}. The Reike would represent self healing of body/mind/soul. In the dream the later black woman that is ill but not dead is you. You were treated badly as a child but now are in the process of healing the inner child, but have not reached resolution {not treated as badly}. These are psychological issues which why the Reiki is performed on the forehead {'fore'head also representing an awareness of this process}. The warning not to hang around may point to instructions {from your inner self} not to dwell on the past but to work on healing and resolving the unconscious energies from childhood that are controlling agents in your adult life. This is a function of dreams, bringing out the unconscious issues so they can be recognized and resolved.

As for Whoopie Goldberg. As a 'large' black woman she has had success by using laughter. Personal associations are involved {only you can know those} and what you identify with in her fits with who you are. Look at her life and see what fits.

There are the usual negative aspects in the dream. But because of the large black women and how that unfolds I see positive aspects also. This is probably related to your consciously working to resolve the emotional issues {dreams are about the emotions}. And because there is the large African American woman I see transformations taking place in your life. You are either in a process of positive transformation/realizations or are very near. Recognizing the underlying issues {from childhood} and understanding the energies they possess {unconscious} is a major step in the healing process. You can not resolve an issue if you do not know what it is. Then working to resolve those energies will lead to a better life since you know what they are and will no longer let them control you. You have issues with your anima yes. But there are underlying issues with actual feminine/females that relate to the inner feminine. The dream always addresses both layers.

One other thought. You state you feel your problems are with a strong animus and weak anima. Those traits could play into current personal relationships with men.


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Re: Women Being taken away

Oh my. Jerry, you are so accurate. I appreciate the depth of your analysis and uncovering aspects I hadn't even considered. Thank you so much for your time. I'll be mulling this over for a while. You've given me a lot to consider. Thank you!

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