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Dying in my bed

I've never experienced this kind of a dream. Last night I had some problems falling asleep and I was just laying there turning from one side to the other. My last position was on my back, my head turn to the right and then I fall asleep - I was in the very same room, same position, same sheets (basicly everything was 100% exactly as in reality) and while i stretch my right leg I bumped into something. I thought it was just a blanket and tryed to fall asleep, but than "that" jumbed of my bed. I was in terror because I left the door closed and as I opened my eyes I couldn't see, pure darknes, but I knew my shutters were up. And I started to panicking. I search for the light on my night stand and as I turned it on, I still could see. I thought the lights went off and I searched for my phone and I tried to open it and still could see. I then set on my bed but I was feeling very dizzy and I layed back down. I knew something was off. I was laying there and my hands started to shake, then my legs, faster and faster, like a severe epilepsy (never had one in my life) and I knew I was going to dye. I heard my mom going to her room and I tried to call her and I had no voice. I was sure I am going to die in my bed. And then I woke up still in the same position. My heard was pounding like crazy and at first I couldn't tell if it was real or not. It took me around 5 minutes to realize I was indeed dreaming. It honestly scared the s*** out of me.

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Re: Dying in my bed

The images/actions point to 'not seeing' or wanting to see something about your emotional self. The blanket {covering up}, the closed door, not being able to see, the shutters up and the pure darkness. Stretching the right leg could be symbolic of the need to expand your conscious mind and face reality of whatever you are unable to see that is hidden/repressed. To panic may indicate there is/would be a lack of control of your emotions because of what is 'not seen'. You need to bring these unconscious energies to light {turn on the light}. It is common for dreams to focus on what is hidden and the need to bring them to conscious attention so you can begin to heal any emotional wounds.

Something is off. Often such 'dream' language points to negative conscious actions or positions caused by the unconscious emotional energies that are seen. Epilepsy can be symbolic of suppressing your emotions and that has to end {die}. The scene of your mother going to her room may suggest there is a separation between you and her, or was when you were younger. You need to end what is causing you to hide the emotions, bring the unconscious energies to consciousness {the bed is the bridge between conscious and unconscious/awake and asleep}. Having no voice may indicate the fear or the inability to do so.

The dream is an outline of something that is hidden. Because all dreams are about the emotions then this outline would point to emotional energies that need to be realized and resolved. The only reference to actual events is that of your mother. Look at that relationship and determine what could be involved emotionally {if anything}. Other dreams may be more specific in naming the possible people/events/experiences involved. Once you begin to pay attention to your dreams and analyze them each dream will have a progressive pattern, spelling out in bits and pieces what is the cause of the emotional conflicts.


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