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Dream world and real world often intersect.


On various occasions I've had these strange dreams that coincide with reality. The most recent one was a dream in which a friend was with me but got lost. I couldn't find her anywhere. She was upset in the dream and just bolted. I sent her a message saying "where are you?". Upon waking, I received a message from another friend from a completely different circle (someone who I actually de-friended on Facebook because of his creepy ways), saying "where are you?". This totally freaked me out. It's happened before but not so exact. For example, I dream about someone and I wake to see they have messaged me or called me or I receive a package from them. I live overseas now so I only communicate with friends via social media or Skype and not that often. So it's strange when I dream about them and they actually contact me. Some are people who I haven't spoken to in ages.

Any ways, I wonder if this happens to anyone else. And if there is some kind of explanation for it.

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Re: Dream world and real world often intersect.

I had hoped to get to your dream post today but could not. Tomorrow I have a full day also so it will be Sunday before I will be able to give a final analysis. I always try to thoroughly analysis the images and actions to discern their symbolic/metaphorical representation as well as the undelying patterns that ultimately allows a proper analysis. I have no problem with multi-tasking but I need to have my intuitive facilities solely focused on the dream to 'get it right'. You can see by my 'Kitty Fund' link I have many responsibilities to perform in a day. Until then I suggest you read my page A Simple Guide to Dreams to get an understanding how dreams function {using the concepts/theories of psychologist Carl Jung.

Taking a quick look at your post I can see very good possibilities and explanations of what they mean. Read my page and then read your dream post with the new knowledge you will learn. Reality is what your dreams are about, not just your perceived reality but the true reality. The waking conscious ego has a bias, the dream doesn't.


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Re: Dream world and real world often intersect.

Since there is not a detailed dream to analyze I took what you provided from a dream {bits of it} and interpreted those images/actions. Here is what comes from that.

-lost friend-lost/hidden emotional aspect about self
-upset-emotional conflict
-message 'saying where are you'-emotional aspect that is represses/suppressed

message from another friend saying where are you/defriended because of freaky ways
co-incidental experience that illuminates your 'hidden' emotional experiences

The rest of your post pretty much illustrates other co-incidental experiences that point to the 'hidden' emotional aspects I noted. There are emotional experiences from your past {and possibly recent experiences} that had strong psyche energies, negative experiences you either consciously do not want to remember or deal with, or experiences that you have forgotten {purposely} or suppress or repress. The lost friend is a part of yourself {on a deeper level} that may have caused vital aspects to proper personal growth to be lost/not received. Often this points to early life experiences {including and especially from childhood} where something occurred that affected you and your ability to be 'whole' or complete. Bad parenting could be one possibility. Or/and a traumatic experience earlier in life that affected you emotionally. You have 'defriended' this past experience so not to have to deal with it. Looking for this part of you is a part of the natural psyche process that dreams try to help communicate and resolve. Communicating by Skype fits with the co-incidental aspects, Skype being a form of communication that uses unseen software to convey messages between you and your inner self. The unseen software in the psyche are dreams.

On a more recent experience, there may have been some person or aspect that has been lost. Not having a complete history of your person and life I can not name this experience. I can only outline the emotional energies from it that relates to your personality traits and attitudes {which were affected by the earlier emotional experiences in life}. Actions in later life often are governed by these experiences, helping to form your personality and attitudes.

A note about dreams. Any unknown person in a dream would be an aspect of yourself {on a deeper level related to your personality/attitudes}. You are upset with these aspects because they did/do cause emotional conflict. The experiences where you are contacted by other people that fit with the dreams are co-incidental and possibly synchronistic. Your dreams are attempting to bring up these repressed/suppressed experiences so you can resolve them. Left unresolved the energies associated with the experiences can control unconsciously have control over your life. An example would be related to abuse in early life {physical and/or psychological} that cause you to do things you normally would not do. Often a child who is abused is abusive to their children {as an example}. The experiences are hidden away in the unconscious because of the emotional trauma they can cause.

If you will post a complete dream {in a narrative of proper sentence/paragraph structure} perhaps I can provide more insights to the possibilities of what emotional conflicts you are 'looking for'.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa/Soace Coast, Fla

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