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Re: positive pregnancy test

First let me once again state that all dreams have at least two meanings/applications. One would relate to unconscious energies associated with personality development and personal attitudes {attitudes formed from earlier life experiences}. These aspects of the dream are what come through in analyzing a dream when there is limited information about the dreamer {I know only your age and gender}. A second would relate to recent personal experiences that only you can know {and can be discerned by a analyst when they know your life story}. My analysis will cover the first and allude to the second.

Pregnancy often represents something new is developing and/or growing. The positive test would suggest you it is something positive in your life. Your partner would likely have two appliactions, one of a personal nature {perhaps to do with pregnancy or having children} and the other representing your animus or masculine aspects {we all have masculine and feminine aspects}. In line with something developing/growing and on a deeper level, your partner not being upset could suggest this 'pregnancy' is a positive fit with your masculine self{or at least not opposed to it}. He would represent your masculine attitudes in this respect. Emotionally {feminine aspects} there may be doubts but when you look at it objectively {masculine aspects} it is a positive. Thinking he would be angry may suggest frustrations because of emotional concerns which would likely relate to personal attitudes and early development {you tend to act/react in a particular way because of personality tendencies}. And because there may be doubts because of these tendencies {and perhaps earlier experiences that help create doubt} you refrain from doing what would be the positive thing {second test malfunctioned}. Doubts and/or hesitation may be what caused the malfunction.

Look at your life, recent experiences as well as personality traits and attitudes and see how this 'pregnancy' would fit. The pregnancy would be symbolic of what I described as possible representations. If there are issues related to an actual pregnancy that would be part of the meaning/application as well. Something new that would be positive is developing/growing in your life that when looked at objectively {masculine partner} would remove your doubts. The dream suggests this is what should be the path to take but because of doubts/hesitation or emotions you have yet to proceed. There may be emotional fears {which could be related to personality/personal attitudes} that are at the root of the 'malfunction' when you think too much about it emotionally.


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