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Re: eating dinner at his house

More info: During the family gathering, I think I had a little small talk with his mom and sister. I don't know if they invited me or why I was there, but I didn't know if they liked me or not knowing the negative history between me and this person.

Re: eating dinner at his house

Yes, thinking about the person would be a stimulus for the dream. But there would be a deeper reason for it. My sense of the deeper aspects is it is pointing to the tremendous affect the relationship had on you. My analysis of the images/actions.

Being in the his house with his family would represent being emotionally 'affected/obsessed' by him and the past relationship. Being in his house represents his affect on you and his family your total self. It could also point to actual associations with his family, especially his mother. The dream is about your emotions and although it states 'his house' that part represents his affect on you, his house as his affect on you.

The mother's house reference could point to actual associations to her influence/participation in the relationship. It may be a reference to your own mother and that relationship. Or/and it could symbolically represent nurturing aspects {within you}, issues from the relationship you are still nurturing {issues that still strongly/emotionally bother you}. The mother house image could also represent similar experiences from earlier life, experiences to do with 'mothers' that caused emotional conflict for you.

Eating diner together may point to substituting what was missing in your life with emotional nourishment you believed would bring about wholeness/tranquility to your life. You have lacked this emotional nourishment and because of that you are lacking something that would bring about wholeness/happiness. You need to be a part of a whole family, provided with emotional nourishment so you can achieve proper personal growth {how to act or having the 'masculine' ability for personal growth}. You are lacking in certain skills related to masculine qualities. When you need these qualities you unconsciously are lacking these important qualities.

Being hugged from behind {by him/masculine self} could point to the need to embrace what is lacking in your masculine attitudes {from behind would point to unconscious aspects}. But because you never learned these masculine skills early in life you are unable to see your way when it these qualities are needed.

The dream is likely addressing issues with the failed relationship that caused a lot of pain in your life. But it seems to be pointing to deeper issues where you were not provided with the proper tools for personal growth. This would probably go back to childhood involving your mother and father. If you are lacking the proper masculine skills {we all and need both masculine and feminine aspects} it could point to lacking a proper father relationship. You may have entered into the failed relationship because you were substituting what was missing in your personal life. As with childhood this failed relationship caused a lot of emotional harm. The reason that made you think of this guy may point to recurrent experiences involving relationships and require nourishment {what cause you to think of him is related to current experiences}. There may be a problem with choosing relationships because you did grow up without the proper tools {masculine aspects related to father and what should have been provided in a proper relationship}.


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