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Re: Toenail clipping found

As with all dreams there are at least two meanings/applications. Very often one goes to the foundations of personality and personal attitudes that were developed in early life and the other to recent/current experiences. I sense this dream is focused on both, early life aspects where there were important aspects that were left behind {does a moving van in early life fit somewhere in early life, either literally or metaphorically?} as well as current emotional issues {dreams are primarily about the emotions} that involve changes in attitudes or/and actual life. Here is how I read the images/actions {symbolic/metaphorical} in your dream.

Something about yourself/your life that is meaningful has changed/is changing/needs changing or threatening to change or come to an end {entire family killed}. It may be something you are not/were not fully mentally prepared for and/or want/ed. There are aspects about these changes you treasure, a unique part of you that may involve a skill or talent or a special time or place in your life {early life application}.

Driving away with an older man who holds your hand for protection could point to animus aspects as well as a literal experience where protection/security was involved. The house would be you {in a metaphorical application} with the moving van out front representing the mental aspects of moving from one aspect/place/situation. There is emotional conflict involved, now and in past experiences from earlier life.

A note on the '1/4 inch high toenail clipping' {the toenail clipping representing a part of you/clipping that needs or is being re-evaluated}. Numbers are important in dreams with the number 4 representing wholeness. One of 4 may not only point to one important aspect I alluded to in my analysis that contributes to your wholeness/happiness, it may also apply literally to something that is '1/4' complete.

You mentioned a desired to see a glimpse of a past life in your dream. I have had many personal acquaintances/friends over the years who subscribed to various metaphysical practices and although I may not fully agree with them I understand the 'metaphysical' aspects. Most often these metaphysical aspects are spiritual in nature, the underlying and unseen energies that give life to all things being connected, not in terms of social norms but in a deeper aspect related to the 'universal' mind and the 'true' spirituality that leads to wholeness {based in nature and not man's dogma}. We are all searching for wholeness/happiness. For those few of us who reject the materialistic world that govern our societies, the alternative to that view comes from concepts that stem from what is beyond the normal range of human comprehension and goes to possibilities that involve metaphysical energies or properties that have been rejected as logical. The dividing point in my 'metaphysical' approach as opposed to most of my acquaintances/friends is my concepts on dreams are primarily based on objective thinking with the inner connections being realized from an objective search. Most of those acquaintances/friends tend to see me as less as metaphysical oriented because I do use the objective mind {but with a developed intuitive sense}.

As for past lives and dreams. Past lives in my objective context would not be from another literal self that lived in another time but the present life looking at past experiences in this life {or at least applied to this life if we take past lives literally}. That is what dreams are focused on, the present life. Any energies that could come from 'other lives lived' would be in relationship with your past in this life. If a literal past live existed {no judgement being made} the energies associated with those experiences would filter into this life but would translate into meaningful application to the present day emotions with the intent to heal. In other words, an emotional or a physical wound experienced in a literal past life would carry over into this life, not pointing to the past life experienced to be remembered literally but to use the experiences associated with the 'wound' to help heal in this life. You can not heal what is not known that needs healing. Bringing the wounds to consciousness is what dreams do as does concepts of past lives lived. To heal the wounds {emotional}.

The dream is focused on this life and anything that contributes to achieving wholeness would be the subject of our dreams. That includes past lives but not in a context of revealing the experiences of the past life {beyond the wounds that require healing}. The intent is to heal this life because the past, whether a literal past life or a past experience in this life, is what lends to the unbalanced emotional psyche that needs healing. Separate concepts but the 'objective' is healing oneself emotionally.


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