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Dying dog who turned into an old man

I had a dream I let in this old dog from the cold while it was snowing. When I let it in I saw how old it was and that it was dying, and somehow I knew that it was 17 years old (I feel like this number was important). So I kneeled down and was sobbing uncontrollably and talking to it and petting it trying to comfort it and saying I hope that it had had a good life and that it was all worth it. Then suddenly it turned into an old man that I'd never seen before who told me that this life is always worth it and then disappeared, and then I woke up. I was so distraught and crying in my dream that when I woke up I felt emotional as well. What does this all mean?

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Re: Dying dog who turned into an old man

What emotional issues from your past are there that need to be finally let out and brought to consciousness so you can end the issues {let it die}. Very likely it is related to an experience when you were 17 {at a deeper level it could be addressing issues from childhood, 17 years ago and having to do with a relationship with an older man}.

Petting it and comforting it may be an unconscious nurturing the experiences, keeping them in the unconscious and keeping them alive so consciously you will one day let it all out and resolve whatever issues there are {you may be repressing the issues}. It had a good life in staying alive in the unconscious and not letting it upset your conscious life. The good life may also refer to some past relationship that was good while it lasted but now you need to let go of it. The old man could represent something or some person from your past that is related to the energies. Not ever have seen him before would represent having buried it in your unconscious.

There seems to be something from your past that needs to be confronted and let go of. It could relate to a past relationship. It could be addressing two issues from your past {all dreams have at least two meanings/applications}. One may relate to when you were 17 and the other when you were a child {17 years ago}. The later would be a very early experience and may not be fully recognizable at that age. One or both need to be let out and resolved.


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