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Grim Reaper Killing Me With Scythe

I was having a heart attack in my dream and suddenly the grim reaper appeared and sliced my stomach open and then strung me upside down to bleed out. I literally felt the life draining from me and I was ready to die. As soon as I felt myself losing consciousness and about to actually die in the dream, I woke up and my head felt like it was spinning. I've had a few dying dreams lately, when previously I never have had them. This all started a few months ago after I went through a bad breakup which still is affecting me a lot.

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Re: Grim Reaper Killing Me With Scythe

The heart attack could represent a lack of emotional support and acceptance, issues related to the Dying Dog dream. The grim reaper could symbolize negative aspects that you have repressed, possibly rejected aspects related to personality {early life experiences}. It would be something that needs to be brought to an end {grim reaper signifies death which represents an end to something}. These issues are draining your emotional energies {albeit unconscious} and these negative energies need to be brought out from your unconscious so you can resolve the issues {repression}. You may be on the verge of letting these unconscious out but when you get close to doing so you push them back deeper into the unconscious {losing consciousness and waking up}. Or you are reluctant to let them out and confront them for some reason.


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