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Re: Maybe frequent

I'll provide an interpretation of this dream as well as you other posted dream Eating Lizards {which I have provided below with my analysis}.

My analysis of this dream.

Something of emotional value has been taken from you. Something that goes to who you are as a person and you relied on in a crisis. It would be something that affected you emotionally. You may have realized something related from a recent experience, something you may not have known or expected previously, something that affected you deeply. It may involve reaching certain goals. Those goals may have been altered because of the crisis.

My analysis of this Lizard dream with the dream posted first.

I was eating some king of stew made of lizards , and suddenly I remembered that lizards are poisonous . I told my mom but she said cooked lizards are not poisonous. there was also some chicken in the stew and I continued eating chicken.

There are emotional energies that are consuming you. Energies that cause tension and also may affect you in a way that is destructive. It affects you in a very negative way. It may involve another person who you now see in a negative way. Your nurturing in early life taught you to believe in the positives but this recent experience has changed that. You go about your life with these consuming emotions because you are expected to do so.

The dreams are likely job related. But they also are going to the core of who you are. The experiences have affected you tremendously, not only in your job but also how you are expected or how you feel you must endure or react to the situation.


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Re: Maybe frequent

Thank you for the explanation

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