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Re: Big Dream (it seems)

I am working on your dream and thus far I do see the dream reflecting a transformation. Let me provide my interpretation of the first few paragraphs so you can study those {I interpret then images and actions to get my final analysis}. For is the dream paragraph then my interpretation. Perhaps from this you will be able to arrive at an understanding of the dream. I will continue to work on the whole dream.

I was in some research lab that was attached to some morgue. I was with work colleagues (in reality I don't work in a morgue and I don't know who those "colleagues" are). We were examining a mask that had been molded to a dead man, but removed from his face. We discovered that certain parts of the mask did not correspond to the face of the dead man, as if there had been modifications to the mask. We were puzzled. The modified part were hard bumps. The mask was painted in white, and I noticed that a part of the mask was not painted, a part of the left side of the mask.

-research lab attached to morgue-examining a transformation of parts that are dead
-work with colleagues-working with psychological aspects
-examining mask/molded to dead man-searching for aspects that are hidden seeking to exposed dead parts
-removed from his face-not recognized by conscious ego
-parts of mask not correspond to dead man-dead aspects that are not known
-modifications to mask-altering ego persona
-mod. part had hard bumps-strong collision
-painted in white/part not painted-parts that are proper/parts that are exposed/known
-left side of mask-creative/spiritual aspects

We are then examining the face of the cadaver, which is in an adjascent room. At one point it becomes very small and somebody detaches the face from the body and shows it to another colleague back in the room where we were originally examining the mask. He shows the detached face, it is as small as the tip of a thumb.

-examining face in adjacent room-exploring ago aspects attached to other aspects
-becomes very small-not readily known
-someone detaches face from body/shows to colleague-disconnected from ego/becoming conscious

I'm still in the room with the cadaver, which was inserted into a wall like they do in morgues. And I have a vision of what happened to the man upon which a mask had been molded. He is standing and a giant creature, like 7 feet tall and somewhat looking like a preying mantis but with a monstrous face, sticks to his back and bites him somewhere between the shoulder and the neck, thereafter mutating with the man: a hybrid between the man and creature. He seems to have wings like a butterfly or mothman. I then reflect that this is what transformed the mask.

-still in room with cadaver-living with/influenced by remains of dead parts
-inserted in wall-constructed barriers to dead parts
-had vision-removing inhibitions to unconscious/hidden aspects
-standing/giant creature/7 ft tall/preying mantis-assertive energies that are destructive/controlling/cause conflict
-sticks to back-unconscious aspects
-bites between shoulder and neck-vulnerabilities to shouldering energies between mental/physical self
-mutating man-drastic changes to self
-hybrid between man/creature-unconscious aspects influencing changes you need to confront/recognize/understand
-wings like butterfly/mothman-freedom to transform
-transformed the mask-what will transform consciousness


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Re: Big Dream (it seems)


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