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Re: Illegitimate Child dream - Unsettling feeling

Let me provide my interpretation of the symbols/images then go from there {I interpret the images/actions to get my analysis, looking for emotional patterns within the dream}.

-Ex partner-past feminine aspect/past emotional experiences
-turned up with daughter which was mine-a developing feminine aspect
-could not see ex/if it was her-unconscious aspects that are not known/realized/understood
-hug and not leg go-embracing feminine aspects and not letting go of them

I sense the dream is addressing emotional issues or/and behavioral patterns that are similar or related to the relationship with your ex. The child would be an emotional part of you that is developing or needs to be developed. Unconsciously there may be reasons for your actions in a present experience where you are similar to the relationship with your ex. You need to embrace these emotions and not let go of them.

There may be aspects about your present engagement related to this dream. Aspects related to your ex where you need to develop new attitudes in this relationship. One has to do with the other {engagement and your ex}.


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