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Without knowing more about your personal life I can only outline the possibilities of what the dream is attempting to communicate {dreams use a language of symbol and metaphor}. This is what I get from interpreting the images/actions in your dream. Determine what may fit in your waking life these images/actions may represent.


The dream seems to be pointing to past experiences that have affected you emotionally. These are unconscious issues you may not wish to deal with so you keep them away from your conscious mind. But unconsciously they do have some control or affect on you. You repress the experiences because of the emotional pain they would cause.

Interpretation of images/actions
-dead white horse of an aunt-aspects connected to aunt or family that are no longer there
-black guard dog attacked-unconscious {possibly repressed} aspects that have become an emotional issue
-running away from dead relative-running away from emotional issue that could/would change you
-great grand father beating you-very old masculine aspects that still 'beat up on you' {perhaps unconsciously}
-going back to jail-confining the issues {in unconscious} so you are not consciously bothered by them


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