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flying cars and more

So I had some dreams last night and here is what I remember.

It was nighttime and I was driving around in a dark blue Oldsmobile toronado almost exactly like one that my family used to own. It was night time and I was driving down one road and then taking a left, this portion of the dream repeated but was a little different every time. On one occasion I stopped at a store on the right side of the first road. For some reason I had a little snub nose .38 pistol but did not have any ammunition. I go to purchase ammo at this store and a lady behind the counter opens up a box of bullets. I proceed to make sure that the bullets fit the gun and upon finding out that they do I make a purchase of a single box. I end up back at the car repeating the drive on the road and repeatedly I make this car fly way up into the air. I have to come down and the landing is always a tenuous moment as the car has no parachute or means of landing. Crashing is a real fear but I always manage to land in one piece. There is traffic and I know that what I am doing is wrong. Every time I land I am looking for the police but they never materialize and I never hit anyone. At one point I am at a restaurant. I do not remember eating there but for some reason a lady starts to direct me about where to place my tray, I am confused but look down and there is a tray in my hand. I finally manage to dispose of this tray and leave the restaurant. I am back in the car and back at the place that sells ammo. The lady takes out another box of ammo and this time it is silver. The first time I was less trusting but this time I have more trust, I still exam the bullets but less keenly and make another purchase. During the dream I get the vague feeling that I am a police officer or private investigator, something in law enforcement. That is all that I can remember of this dream.

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Re: flying cars and more

I should be able to analyze your dreams Friday. There does seem to be repetitive experiences where there is a real possibility of a 'crash' but thus far you have been able to 'land on your feet'. This may help find associations in your waking life.


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Re: flying cars and more

Will there be an interpretation coming in the near future?


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