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Re: Two Short Dreams

To answer your question, I am going through a lot of examination and change. My interpretation was somewhere along the lines of what you are telling me. I suspect that both dreams come from my frustration that I don't really know who I am. I've recently left high school and now I am a college student. Also, I've gotten over a mental illness thanks to counseling. I definitely feel like my depression kept me from releasing important emotions. When I peeled the black stuff off (hair/rock thing) I felt a weird emotional release. It was better than crying or art or exercise. I'd never felt catharsis at that level before. I feel like I was releasing those important feelings.

I appreciate the response . I was interested in what someone more experienced in dream language would say. Unlike other dreams I've had in the past, these two felt really important. I will definitely do more research into the dream dictionary because I know it'll come down to me to figure out. But I'd love to hear more about what you have to say. Sorry about the long time to respond. I didn't think I'd be getting a response this soon.

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Re: Two Short Dreams

I appreciate the response. You have grasped the interpretation of the images and actions which should help in understanding how they fit in your personal life. I sense there are deep underlying emotional energies that are trying/needing to be made conscious, the reflection of your true self hidden within the unconscious. The counseling you received may have even been noted in the dream with the wording, "Suddenly, I took it off like it was a wig and under it I had different hair". Hair is often symbolic of personal traits and attitudes and those that negatively affect your waking conscious life will be what your dreams are attempting to convey {so to help resolve the issues}. Looking in the mirror and the reflection from it may also be noting your counseling since that is what happens when you delve into the unconscious working with a therapist. The wet {cleansing}, smooth {calming} and shorter hair {attitudes} would suggest a positive direction. Participating in the counseling {petting it/acknowledging and acceptance} has been beneficial. Continued searching of the unconscious contents will bring about more acceptance of your true self.


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