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Re: Powerful beauty goes wrong

Hi Gerry

Sorry that I did not reply, I have been off line for some time. The overcompensating you detect is correct. I felt unloved as a child, as lots of children do , I grew up in a rigid volatile house and I have carried this throughout my life. I feel loved only when the outer of me looks well enough and I feel the complete opposite when the 'outer' is not ok. I believe my suppressed depression and sadness has affected me in the physical and when I look at my physical face, I believe it is the representation of depression in symbolic and physical terms. I have looked for love and acceptance with my boyfriends most of my life because that was the only way i could 'feel' love and acceptance. It's now starting to 'suffocate' as you say, which I would say you have hit the nail on the head with that. I have felt some changes in my spiritual quest for resolution of my unconscious energies and the dream had a powerful positive feeling to some extent. I practice ho'oponopono to clean the unconscious mind, memories and debts of the soul because it's seems an easier option for me. I've tried other processes But they make me frustrated and I have quite a hard time understanding dreams also so, I leave it up to the divine as that is part of the process, clean and release. I love the work of the Jung, I first got interested in his work when I wanted to understand why the same life patters kept repeating over and over again, then I found the term synchronicity which led me to Jungs work. I was clueless about the spiritual realm and the impact of unconscious energies until I found Jung. Thanks for your work Gerry, I wished I wasn't so blocked off from understanding my dreams.

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