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Re: strangers taking us to a house


Im working on your dream. A lot to assimilate. I want to examine as much of the dream that looks to apply to recent personal emotional experiences {why the additional info provide is important} as I do the underlying energies {your foundations for personality and personal attitudes, and from past emotional experiences especially early life}. When you begin to understand the underlying reasons for your attitudes you can correct any negative qualities which often lend themselves to how you act and react in daily experiences in the present.

Example: Deep anger will most always have underlying energies from early life. To discover why a person gets angry {beyond normal anger} we can look back at their childhood and find reasons/underlying motivators for the anger in adulthood. Of course later life emotional traumatic experiences will contribute and build this and create new emotional issues. Like being in a war environment and developing PTSD. A ungodly number of American service people who were in Iraq or/and Afghanistan are committing suicide, which is directly related to the psychological condition that causes a person to take such action.

My approach to how I look at dreams and analyze them {using 'basic' Jungian psychological concepts}

Dreams are to the psych{ology} as is the immune system is to the body. One is a physical aspect provided by nature to help protect and heal the body. Dreams do the same function for our psychology. They are communicating emotional aspects/energies so the dreamer will realize there are underlying causes to the emotional self and in doing so pushing the dreamer to take the steps/corrective action in working to resolve the emotional issues. Help identify the emotional conflicts in the adult life and define the underlying reasons /motivators {with a language of symbolic/metaphorical images and actions/patterns} so the dreamer will find wholeness and happiness in life. Wholeness being spiritually whole {beyond religion} as well as physically well and psychologically balanced/happy}.

A lot to analyze, like a big jigsaw puzzle with clues to where the pieces go {emotional pieces}


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Re: strangers taking us to a house

A long dream that looks to have a relatively simple message. You are at a stage where you are questioning various aspects about yourself and your life. Although the dream is primarily focused on these questions in the present time, it is also addressing {indirectly} early life experiences/influences that are at the center of why you have to question yourself as an adult. The dream is based on more recent experiences but with the 'past' always lingering {early life foundations}.

Recent Experiences That Possess Emotional Energies
The dream begins with a party which would represent your positive outlook on life. At the age of 26 and with 'relatively' normal life this would be expected {no major life trauma from your childhood}.
Mohammad is a past love interest which points to the actual relationship. But he also represents a past positive masculine aspect of yourself and/or your life. This would go to basic inherent masculine/feminine qualities we all possess that may have been damaged/harmed due to early life as well as adult relationships.

Hedi is a real person/relationship that also represents a rejected aspect of yourself. Presented in the dream as a little girl would be pointing to experiences/influences of you when you were a little girl. In the dream you joined her {took on the rejected aspects} and left Mohammad {positive masculine aspects}. Something from earlier life affected you, positive aspects related to masculine/men that you have not given up but have replaced {perhaps sharing equal space} with a 'rejected' feminine aspect. The rejected part may be something related to culture or what would be thought of as the norm. Specifically, relationships with both masculine/men and feminine/women. My sense is this aspect has rejected aspects {what is thought of as normal} is pointing to your childhood years where you were restrained from being your true self {cultural barriers/family expectations} as well as personal aspects in adult life that would be rejected by family and culture. There are issues to do with expectations by family/culture you have rejected. I sense issues beyond what we have discussed in the past, your aspirations that your family doesn't wish for you.

I believe the stranger that approached your car/you {in the dream} is primarily addressing issues with a male family member{s} as well as conflicting emotions to do with recent personal relationships. Being scared could be a literal emotion related to males but also pointing to positive aspects of who you are in conflict with personal relationships with family and other relationships {love interests}. You have deep aspirations that relate to your true self which are in conflict with your outer world.

The part of the dream where Hedi is driving points to qualities you identify with in her that is controlling you. She is you and aspects about her you share are driving your emotional life. Hedi has personal issues that although not something you literally experience may point to other issues related to her condition. I sense there are issues with relationships with men and women that may be involved. This would be in your adult life. In early life this could point to issues with females, perhaps your mother as well as other female family members.

The last part of the dream seems to be a summary of the emotional energies and conflicts you are now experiencing. You have left your family behind to a great extent {on your own} but the issues from early life with them remain. It has been your true self and those aspirations that have allowed you to progress as far as you have. But you have yet reached as far as you can/want. Being 'victimized' as a child {not allowed to be your true self even in your earliest years} you have remaining barriers to overcome. You are seeking to be your total true self but the issues from childhood are a constant {as is your lifestyle as an adult that do not conform to expectations of family and the norms of culture and society}.

Read my interpretation of the images and actions to get a better sense of the emotional energies in the dream. Pay attention to relationships with male and female friends in the present, and the type relationship you have with each. Look at the actual relationships, and type relationships with each and determine if the kinds of relationships may play into the equation and may be causing a conflict {girlfriend/boyfriend on an equal level}.

Analysis/Interpretation of Images/Actions

Dream Title
strangers taking us to a house
emotional aspects that leads you to your true self

In my dream I was in a party or something. There was this friend Mohamad who lives in Isfahan but had come to Tehran. There was also this girl Hedi in the party whom I don’t like much but she’s really into me. Later that night I was in Hedi’s road and left the party. I was thinking why I joined her and why didn’t I say goodbye to Mohamad. Then we were in a part of town I had no idea where it was.I was scared because I'm usually so good with locations. We parked. It was midnight and nobody was on the streets. Suddenly I noticed that Hedi and I are both sitting on the back and nobody was in the front seat. In one moment I felt the danger and asked her to lock the doors. The windows were open and I was scared that somebody would come in and open the locks so I asked her to roll up the windows in panic but she just didn’t care about all these.

Mohamad-past love interest
Hedi-female friend/sexual interest

-party-positive outlook
-friend Mohamad from Isfahan from Tehran-positive masculine aspects but from a distance/past
-little girl Hedi/don't like-your own early life experiences you did not like
-Hedi's road/left party-past experiences returning that affects positive aspects
-thinking-rational side
-in part of town no idea of-unaware of unconscious influences/emotional energies
-sacred/usually good with locations-doubts about self/lack of control
-We parked-in a constant position/no progression
-midnight/nobody on streets-facing reality/centered in unconscious self preventing progress
-Hedi & I sitting in back/nobody in front seat-past experiences/unconsciously/emotionally controlled
-felt danger/locked doors-threaten by unconscious energies/repressing experiences
-windows open scared someone would open locks-afraid to face unconscious experiences
-roll up windows in panic/she didn't care-fearing a lack of control/not knowing consciously
Then a stranger man approached our car and I was so scared. He took his hand inside through the window but didn’t open the door. Then he started walking around the car saying nothing and I was scared to death and was sure something really bad is going to happen to us. Then they opened the door and made some other people sit in the car with us (These ones were not bad people. They were just like us). I was begging everyone to call the police but nobody listened and my phone was dying. At the end that guy opened the bonnet and did something to the car.

-stranger man approached our car/I was scared-repressed masculine experiences/aspects that frighten you
-hand inside window but did not open door-need to open up to emotional energies but can not
-walking around car-continuously surround you
-scared to death-confronting emotional issues would cause changes in your life
-opened door/other people sit with us-opening up to emotional issues would affect whole self
-not bad people/just like us-positive aspects
-beg to call police/phone dying-a need to confront issues to continue communication with inner self
In the next scene, they were gone and Hedi was driving. I asked her to drive faster so that we can run away but she couldn’t. she said they’ve done something to the engine and we can’t go faster. They made us drive to a house where they were keeping other people too. We were staying in a room waiting for them and I was scared to death. Then I felt like “this must be a dream!” and started telling people that this is a dream and if we look at our hands we would wake up (I’ve done this technic in lucid dreaming before). Everybody was confused and I was trying to explain while focusing on my hands but it didn’t work and I didn’t wake up.
Those guys came to our room and we were scared at every move they made but they were actually doing nothing scary. They made us do some moves like aerobic or something while they were standing before us. Every time I got to the woman standing in front of my row I was scared she would do something to me but she didn’t. After a while, I figured out it was somehow a game and those people were just trying to tease us but still it was scary because nobody knew what was exactly happening and how to get out of it.


-they were gone/Hedi was driving-positive aspects pushed back/negative aspects driving you
-drive faster/run away/she couldn't-trying to run away from emotional energies but can not
-done something to engine-something that happened to your core self
-couldn't go faster-unable to move past energies no matter how much you try
-drive to house/keeping other people-going within which affects your whole being
-waiting in room/sacred to death-dependence on one aspect of self which causes self doubt
-felt like 'this must be a dream!'-feeling your emotional energies/reality
-is a dream/if we look at hands we will wake up-facing truth will bring about reality
-{done this in lucid dreaming}-being in control of dreams
-Everybody confused/focusing on hand/didn't work/wake up-unable to be true self

-guys came to room/we were scared/doing nothing scary-emotional energies affecting you in every day life
-made us do moves/aerobics/standing before us-consciously 'exercising' what is unconsciously motivating you
-got to woman in front of my row-being in present adult life
-scared she would do something but didn't-able to control emotional energies
-figured it was a game/teasing us/still scary/not knowing how to get out of it-not confronting real issues which cause self doubt/not able to get away from energies
They finally let me go and I got out. A girl was taking me to the door and right at the door I was shocked when she was trying to finger me through my pants and she was laughing at me and I understood that she was one of them and was trying to tease me. And she kept asking me “why don’t you come,ha?” and I tried to tease her to and told her “you can’t do it like that. You should put your hands in my shorts” and then I remembered she’s just a kid and was trembling in anger thinking about who is behind this game. I left her and I went out on the street, still trembling and was waiting for Ershad and Mina to get out.

Ershad-ex-bf/positive and negative aspects
Mina-close friend

-finally let me go/I got out-letting go/getting away from negative aspects
-girl taking me to door-true aspects taking you through barriers
-finger me through pants-questioning identity {sexual?}
-she was one of them-part of self {negative}
-tease me-feeling victimized
-why don't you come?-not yet having reached the pinnacle of success
-you can't do it like that-overcoming barriers in doing things your way
-put your hands in my shorts-ability/need to open up to your true self
-just a kid trembling in anger-childhood influences that now cause frustrations in adult life
-who is behind this game-what is causing the emotional conflicts
-went out on street,still trembling-going through life with the emotional issues
-waiting for Ershad and Mina-seeking balance in life {masculine and feminine}


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