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Re: friends in distress

Normally I would require a Dream Submission Form before I analyze a dream. Since these are very short and separate I'll wave this requirement.

First a short lesson on dreams with comments on your post. All dreams have layers and at least two or more meanings/applications {applications is the proper word}. One application would be on recent experiences and the emotional energies involved {dreams are about our emotions and seek to help us resolve any emotional issues/conflicts}. The friend that was trapped may be an actual friend who was 'trapped' in some form or experience. That person would be in your dream because they shared something with you, the feeling of being trapped.

A second application would be you actually feel trapped in some aspect in your life. The friend is you and often represents a positive aspect. That positive aspect has been affected in a negative way because you feel trapped. It involves an issue you wish to/need to get out of {the her is you}. It would point to both present experiences as well as deeper issues from early life/childhood that possessed energies that are the foundations for your personality and personal attitudes as an adult. Being trapped may have been caused by attitudes you posses that put you in a place you need to get out of. Understanding those attitudes and why you have them may prevent future bad decisions, knowing you are prone to act/react in a particular way and consciously avoiding following those inclinations.

Dream 1
The friend is you {not discounting a lesser issue with an actual person you know}. You are trapped emotionally in some issue and you need to get out and you are working either consciously or/and unconsciously {through your dreams} to get out. The language may even point to 'getting out' unconscious info and bring it to your conscious attention {the underlying reasons why you feel trapped or why you became trapped}.

Dream 2
Another friend falls in love. Again the possible application to an actual person or an actual experience you have recently had. But the larger point would be another aspect of yourself, another positive aspect that has been affected by actions on your part. The driver would be what drives you emotionally and psychologically. The 'he' could point to a possible relationship but in context of what drives you it would also point to animus or masculine aspects. In that context you may have deficient masculine qualities {possibly from a negative experience with men in childhood or early life} which affects how you feel about yourself {not worthy}. Such experiences could cause you to feel you are not worthy when engaging in a relationship, or you feel certain men are not worthy because of underlying attitudes you have toward men. What drives you may be feelings of not being worthy, issues with self esteem.

Then there is the word love {I take it you misspelled love}. Are there love experiences in your current life? What drives you emotionally when it comes to relationships/love?

The she doesn't tell anyone but me may point to something you have repressed or do not want to think about because of the emotional pain associated with negative experiences. Only you are aware of these emotions {consciously and/or unconsciously}.

I am worried about her. This could carry over from waking experiences {to do with an actual person you have common ground with}. But it could also point to repressed thoughts or unexpressed emotions. The her is you and the dream is attempting to help you work with any 'worries' you have.

Dream 3
Another fiend is crying. The word another seems to be repetitive in the dreams which may point to repetitive actions on your part. Crying is a release of negative emotions. This before she starts which may point to underlying emotions that affect actions before you begin a relationship. You know this unconsciously {the room is a part of your whole self}. What is the underlying problem that drives you in love. relationships, actions in adult life.

You feel/are trapped in an emotional experience you need to get out of. It may be a waking experiences to do with a love interest/relationship or it could point to deeper issues to do with feelings of being trapped in an emotional pattern formed in early life. it could very well be both {and usually is}. Another experience in your life has tapped into these same emotions. These emotions are what are driving you and they cause feelings of not being worthy {or possibly of men not being worthy}. These emotions involve unconscious energies that you have not expressed and because you may be repressing them {or not consciously aware of the underlying energies} they are causing negative worry. You need to release these negative emotions in some way so they no longer contribute negatively to future actions/experiences/relationships. The dream language strongly suggests underlying motivators are driving you and you need to understand what they are and resolve those issues.

Look at present personal relationships and the emotions involved. Also look at how you feel about yourself when it comes to relationships as well as how you look at men when it comes to relationships. If you will submit the Dream Submission Form and provide some personal information I may be able to ascertain from that what may be driving you and the issues to do with worthiness.


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