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Re: Sex and death

Because there are very personal aspects to this post I have provided my analysis by e-mail to Laurel. The first part of the dream does set the tone for what the dream is trying to communicate so I will post a breakdown of the images/actions {see Dream Structure}.

My dream from last night 8/14 was set in an apartment with two couches and a kitchen that was behind the living area with an open viewing to the living room. I was with two guys but predominately remember one guy who I was sitting on the couch with. He reminded me of my ex boyfriend but much larger in stature. I was stuck in the apartment with him and he was planning to kill me, as he had killed many people before. Weirdly enough I felt a mix between being scared and being content in that situation as if it was where I was meant to be.

Analysis of Images/Actions
-apartment with two couches-emotional aspects of self that need examination/may have sexual connotations
-kitchen behind living area-nurturing aspects related to foundations of personal attitudes
-open view to living room-opening up to nurturing aspects
-with two guys-two masculine aspects/experiences that possess emotional energies/conflict
-predominately remember one guy-one memorial masculine experience that occurred in your life
-sitting on couch with-masculine aspect that remains with you
-reminded me of ex-bf/larger stature-lost positive masculine aspects/large influence on you
-stuck in apartment with him-can not get away from masculine experience
-he was planning to kill me-masculine aspects that changed you {including actual experiences}
-he had killed many people before-many aspects related to the masculine/males that were changed because of past experiences
-felt a mix being scared/being contented-lacking control of being in a position you feel you can not change

The dream is addressing issues with masculine aspects, both inner animus as well as actual experiences with men/relationships in her past and present. What occurred in early experiences changed forever who she would become and her attitudes in later life. There are feelings she is lacking control in different aspects of her life.


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Re: Sex and death

Please provide a response to my analysis so to allow others to understand any associations in it o your dream. A response is required before I will provide an analysis of future dreams.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa, Fl

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Yes

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