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Re: Recurring dreams all taking place in Mexico City (where I grew up)

I went back over your dreams and tweaked my interpretation of the images and actions. From that I got a clearer understanding of what I believe the dream is trying to communicate. First let me post my revised interpretation of the images/actions {with the dreams first}. i normally post the breakdown of the images/actions to give readers insights to how I analyze dreams.

Recurring dreams all taking place in Mexico City (where I grew up)
It's been about 5-10 different dreams so far in the past few weeks, all which took place in my natal Mexico City (was born there and lived there til I was about 9, visit sporadically. Last visit was few months ago)

Dream Title
Recurring dreams all taking place in Mexico City (where I grew up)

The title suggests the dream may be addressing issues/experiences from childhood and there after

Dream {elements but not whole dream}
The first few dreams were about me riding in a car to the airport; the whole ride I look out the window at the passing city landscape. My focus is mainly on all the colorful little houses all over the hillsides (this is actually how the city is set up in real life; colorful little houses are something that catches my eye in all of these dreams.) there has been other dreams also set in the same city but I can't remember much detail about the content of dream.

-riding in car to airport-new approach to some aspects in your life
-whole ride looked out window-outlook on life, reflection on an issue
-at the passing city landscape-past environment in your life
-focus on colorful little houses-positive self but with feelings of insignificance
-all over hillsides-ups and downs in life

One of them I just remember this glimpse where I'm standing at a park atop a hill/mountain. There was a nice view of the city skyline in the distance, in which I could see the pyramids of teotihuacan along with the skyscrapers of the city (in real life the pyramids are miles out of the city.) I was amazed at the pyramids and it seemed normal that they were in the midst of the city.

-glimpse of standing at a park atop hill/mountain-at a point of needing to escape challenges/obstacles in life/ and looking for ways to do so
-view of city skyline in distance-outline of life/future hopes & desires
-see pyramids of teotihuacan-foundations of life that have parts that were abandoned affecting growth/mysterious and unknown possibilities
-along with skyscrapers-high expectations/ideas/hopes
-amazed at pyramids-perseverance in
-normal that they were in midst of city- strength in midst of all that has occurred in life

The very last dream I remember was me and this guy I went to middle school with (I remember him as being kind of an ******* then, he's become very enlightened and I love seeing his posts on social media now) we were riding in a car, up a very steep hill. I was looking out the back windshield and had a wonderful view of the city and could see it stretching for miles. Again here I had feelings of wonder and slight fear because I am scared of heights.

-me and guy from middle school-experiences learned/related to the masculine in younger life that affects you now/shared experiences with the masculine
-riding in a car up steep hill-overcoming obstacles
-looking out the back windshield-looking back at the past experiences
-had a wonderful view of the city-having a good perspective of whole life
-see it stretching for miles-seeing beyond the present time

My sense of the dream is for better expectations in your life and your working to overcome the obstacles related to 'inner' aspects {psychological}. Issues of trust are a part of who you are {from previous dreams and admitted issues with trust in your Dream Forum Submission}. The dream looks to be pointing to your ability to persevere despite these issues and have high hopes for the future. You have found inner strength despite the trust issues, mysteriously in that the foundational trust issues {and whatever other issues from childhood there may be} would normally be a great hindrance in overcoming them {this would be the meaning of the pyramids of teotihuacan/mysterious aspects related to strong foundations of trust in childhood}. The relationship with the guy from middle school is of consequence in it started out negative but turned positive because it reflects what you have done within yourself. Taken a negative aspect of your life {trust/childhood issues} and turned them into a positive. You described him as enlightened and although this may be a description of him I believe {along with the mysterious pyramids of teotihuacan} it also is addressing an 'enlightened' aspect within you. Have you recently engaged in or read about 'mysterious' possibilities in life, metaphysical topics? The dream may well be touching on developing aspects related to these.

Overall I see this as a positive dream. There remains the elements of trust {which will remain until you resolve the deeper psychological aspects} but you are moving forward despite these issues. Reasons for the progression in your life is because you have worked toward certain goals and there are positive signs of those goals being reached {the laws of cause and effect-what happens in life is primarily what we cause to happen and not just by happenstance}.

An added dimension to your dream. Looking back at your posted dream from August of last year dreaming about the same stranger multiple times I see evidence for the conflicting opposite energies within your psyche {and your perseverance despite the issues that stem from childhood}. Here is a part of your response to my analysis of that dream:
"that kind of does make sense... I think I'm a weird mixture of dependent AND independent. For the most part I feel like I'm independent in the sense that I have a very specific set of goals and things I want to accomplish with my life."

You have a strong independent will and ability to set goals and make achievements. Not uncommonly there would be 'foundational' reasons for these personal traits {someone early in life who portrayed these qualities and you learned from that}. But it may be because of the unscripted occurrences in life {your enlightened male friend for instance}, these experiences awoke the archetypal energies within you related 'greater Self' and you are at the beginning stages of a journey beyond what society and culture require {the Hero/Heroine Journey}. I see possibilities of the 'mysterious' type playing a role in these dreams which would reflect your true inner self {as opposed to the corrupted ego driven self}.


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