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Blue humanoid and garbled speech

My dream started out in a bedroom with my husband that was not our own. I went down a long hall with no doors to a bathroom that was clinical feeling. I saw my dog and took a beer top out of her mouth. I went to the sink. When I got to the white rectangular sink it had bloody water standing in it. It startled me. For some unknown reason I looked up and I saw a blue human like figure just inside the door only it was taller than the door and had just black space for the face. I tried to ask "what are you." It felt difficult to speak and it was garbled. It shrunk and left the room and I followed and tried to ask it what it was again but couldn't. Right before I woke up I noticed a bright room across the hall that looked like a classroom with little kids in it. When I woke up it was like I was trying to talk out loud and that's what woke me up.

Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 37 female. Nashville, tn

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Re: Blue humanoid and garbled speech

If you will fill out and submit the Dream Submission Form I will analyze your dream and provide an in-depth interpretation. I require this so to provide a more complete interpretation.

I see you reside in Nashville. Are you a native? I am from Nashville having moved to central Florida in 2012. Still have family there.


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 66 Cocoa, Florida

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search to Help Find Last Post} Yes

Will You Provide A Follow-up Response to My Analysis? {Required} Yes

Re: Blue humanoid and garbled speech


In your Dream Submission Form you did not list any childhood experiences that may relate to your dream. Not unusual because often such experiences are not realized. But I see a lot of emotional energies that go back to aspects formed in early life that have affected attitudes in your adult life. Exactly how those play out is not clear since you also did not list any recent experiences that would be related to these emotional energies. I have broken down the dream actions and that may help you in accessing what the emotional energies are. I will summarize the possibilities after my interpretation of the dream actions.

Dream Title {Usually the title provides clues to what the dream is about}

Blue humanoid and garbled speech

-Blue humanoid-fundamental feelings about how a person is perceived {how see things}

-garbled speech-confusion in expressing true emotions

Dream Actions Interpreted

-bedroom with husband that was not our own-unconscious attitudes projected onto husband

-long hall with no doors to bathroom with clinical feeling-unconscious attitudes related to experiences where there was lack of real emotions

-saw dog and took beer top out of her mouth-inherent attitudes that need are being expressed consciously

-went to sink-cleansing/need to removed emotional energies

-white rectangular sink-permanent/inherent energies

-had bloody water water standing in it-emotional energies that assert themselves

-it startled me-sudden awakening to true feelings

-looked up/saw blue human inside door-unconscious perceived attitudes

-taller than the door-strong inclinations in perception

-black space for face-unconscious attitudes/unseen personal motivations

-asked "what are you"-seeking true emotions

-difficult to speak/garbled-difficult in expression/unclear about motivating energies

-shrunk and left room/followed ask again-put away from consciousness/energies remain

-classroom with little kids-early life learning/aspects about your current life that would relate to your children.

My sense from the dream images and actions is there are aspects in your relationship with your husband {and possible men in general} that are motivated by early life experiences/influences. You may be projecting these experiences/influences onto your husband. These energies would come from early experiences with men, the best possibility being with your father. You may be seeing/projecting aspects about your husband that relate to that of your father. Exactly what these projected energies are would require further examination and more knowledge about you. These emotional energies need to come out so you can see clearly what there is about the relationship with your husband that has now become important {not something that greatly bothered you until recently}. I say now have become important because your dreams are dealing with emotional conflicts that are now prominent in your life.

I suggest you look at your father and what influencing experiences/influences that would affect your relationship with your husband. You could be projecting qualities/attitudes your father possessed onto your husband. These affected you as a child and may also affect your own children {classroom with little kids in it}. Are/were there experiences you had as child involving your father that may relate to current experiences related to your husband?


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 66 Cocoa, Florida

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search to Help Find Last Post} Yes

Will You Provide A Follow-up Response to My Analysis? {Required} Yes

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