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A re-occurring dream in which I die (brutally) but save my loved ones...

For over a month, I've been having a re-occurring dream in which my loved ones and I are caught up in a larger attack against the American People, either by a foreign entity or by the Washington Leviathan. While I always manage to protect those I care about and get them to (relative) safety, I inevitably die at the end of the dream, either immediately, while being tortured, or in a prison camp, immediately before waking up.

While the location in which the dream takes place vary, they are all real locations that I am familiar with.

Furthermore, the injuries all feel real and, when I wake up, I swear I can smell the earth, taste the blood and smell the cordite...Since I received a bullet would while deployed overseas, and shoot regularly, I'm familiar with all of these sensations.

What's the likely meaning of this dream???

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Re: A re-occurring dream in which I die (brutally) but save my loved ones...

I sense certain patterns within your dream but will need to know a little more about your person to provide a in-depth analysis. Please submit the Dream Submission Form and I will provide an analysis.


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Re: A re-occurring dream in which I die (brutally) but save my loved ones...

Without a complete dream it is nearly impossible to provide a competent analysis of your dream I will provide my thoughts on the images and actions and their possible applications/meaning.

First we must understand that all dreams have at least two applications {meaning}. This dream is probably addressing experiences that involved recent experiences where there were strong emotional energies that were/are in conflict. Most dreams will do this, using the images/actions in symbolic/metaphorical terms to point to the emotional experiences. Good chance there were recent experiences that involve your 'loved ones' {assuming these are family/relationships} where you felt something was threatening the tranquility of those relationships {your dreams are about your emotions and everyone else is either an aspect or/and a very close relationship}. These feelings may be from an outside source or could even come from your actions {you may have done something or felt like doing something to a member relationship}. Looking at your submission form I can gather there are inner emotional energies that could cause such actions. But I would need to know more about you personally to really get an understanding of these possible aspects.

The second application would involve the deeper energies that motivate your life and personality. Normally I look to early life experiences/influences {especially early childhood} to ascertain what those might be. But because your submission form includes a lot about personal experiences when you were serving in the military a good chance those experiences are very relevant to any emotional conflicts you have {that need resolution}. Dying in a dream more often than not represents changes in your life or/and personality {death to one aspect}. Any personal associations as mentioned above would be included in these deeper energies but the more important issue would be what motivates you to feel you are under attack and impressions of dying. Being in war or combat could present lingering reasons for such emotions but what the dream is trying to communicate is unresolved issues/conflicts that still reside within your psyche. If there are issues related to your time in the military those could have 'changed' you {death} and left feelings of being under attack. The American people in your dream would be both actual defense of your nation as well as your total inner self that identifies with the 'American' way of life. The foreign entity would be who you fought while in the military. But that time has past and while the emotional aspects still remain their energies have become an inner source of reality {unconscious}. You are fighting something within yourself that is not usual or normal, a foreign aspect that threatens who you are/were. You have to find ways to manage and anger or emotional conflict. You are tortured by something or some past experience, imprisoned by these feelings. The death would represent changes from experiences and probably a need to find ways to 'change' again so to not to have to endure these inner conflicts. You have to strive to keep yourself safe emotionally because something that you have experienced changed you {die at the end}. The injuries are real but they are psychological injuries. You still have a feel for what caused this 'death', the smell, taste and feelings. The physical sensations remain within your psyche due to the emotional energies you experienced while in the military.

To cover the bases, and to touch on what is always an aspect that possesses emotional energies, there are likely issues related to childhood the dream is addressing also. Emotional conflicts from early experiences in life are the focus of most dreams since it is from our beginnings and foundations our personalities and personal attitudes have their roots. Your way of life during the early years may have had reasons for continuing conflicts about family, life, adult emotions. Clarity about these possibilities would require further and continuing research {psychological}. You will continue to have these type dreams as long as the issues remain, whether from your time in the military or/and early life issues.

Again a complete dream would be better to have to truly provide a proper analysis. Take what I have provided and let me know your thoughts. We may be able to gain new insights from this info. Dreams are nature's tool to help resolve emotional conflicts. One dream is merely a beginning in that process.

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