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House dream

I had a dream where I was responsible for decorating and the construction renovations of a home. The owner was a married man with two children; just like myself. I walked through the house with visions and plans of my modifications. I could see the changes I wanted to make. The home was beautiful and big to begin with. When I went back to look at the home the improvements were far beyond what I ever imagined or picture. It was stunning and far past expectations. It wasn't my design but was so overtaken by the quality, it didn't matter.

I struck up a conversation with the man and he use to work for the government but now was an executive. He then spoke to me about about a type of cancer he has (bone or blood).

I too have advanced cancer that ultimately may end my life earlier then I would like. I had a recent update on medical issues. I have a wife and two small young children. The kids in the dream were teenagers.

Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 54 M Ohio

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search to Help Find Last Post} Yes 3 months

Will You Provide A Follow-up Response to My Analysis? {Required} yes

Re: House dream

Usually I break down each image/action and provide an interpretation. But because the dream is opposite in so many ways to your life {a very positive dream} I will approach it differently. I will say your Dream Submission Form was most helpful in how I do go about my analysis. Without it {and the lack of additional recent dreams which would likely shown the opposites} I would have looked in a different direction. This demonstrates the importance in having knowledge of your personal life and is why I now request the dreamer submit the form.

First off the dream has you decorating and constructing renovations of a home. The home or house would be you and what is happening inside you is the focus of the dream. There seems to be a 'reflective' aspect to the dream but more important looking at need for future 'renovations'. Looking back in your life {when I went back to look at the home improvements} and seeing where life has taken you life has been better than you could have imagined {as a child in the situation you grew up}. You have had great improvements from where you began as a child. It wasn't by design perhaps {wasn't your design} but the quality throughout your life is what matters.

the sentence about government and executive may point to the attitudes that rule your life. Being the executive may suggest you are in control of your life and/or need to control how you live your life. The cancer would represent both the disease as well as the conversation with yourself about it, and the rest of your life.

I think the dream is reflecting a positive attitude despite the negatives you are experiencing in your life. Keeping your stress level in check {as you noted in your submission form} may be one reason for the positive outlook. You are doing what you need to do to combat the disease, making needed renovations in that aspect. But the dream also seems to be looking ahead {visions and plans}. This would be common, having a disease that could end your life prematurely and consciously if not unconsciously making plans.

There may be a metaphysical aspect involved as well, visions being an aspect that is beyond the usual norm of human abilities. Perhaps you are 'looking' to the here-after, touching on aspects of inner knowledge that is not available to the human mind. In metaphysical terms {depending on your religious/spiritual attitudes} the here-after would be a 'stunning' place, far exceeding what is available in this life. It is not the human design but a metaphysical one, superior to the human condition. The executive in this aspect could be the 'god' figure. 'He' spoke to you about the type cancer you have, an inner conversation with your higher self with possible spiritual associations. Jung believed in the spiritual aspect {despite being a scientist} and although we may not consciously give thought or experience to the spiritual, unconsciously it is a part of our natural psyche {beyond religion which is man's invention}. The dream on one level {all dreams have at least two applications/interpretations} may be pointing to your ability to live as normal a life as possible, using your 'higher' aspects to control your stress and have a positive attitude. Although such an attitude may not be a cure it will help prolong your life. You are the executive in charge, your higher self taking control and not letting the 'lower' negative attitudes control. Such an attitude would reflect the Jungian approach.

On another level, one that we can only speculate, the renovated house having improvements far beyond imagination could be touching on the 'universal' mind. What is in the here-after, after this life? No one knows. But if there is the universal mind, able to 'see' in the beyond, well perhaps you are {in your dream} visiting that realm {what some call heaven, others call Nirvana}. It may sound absurd to some but having worked with dreams and metaphysics {despite my objective approach to life} I can not dismiss the possibilities. Jung spent time in his last years exploring these areas. He could not dismiss the possibility of energies we have yet to discover, energies that are natural but in the human experience would seem beyond human. When you dream you are involved in your own unconscious life as well as the universal unconscious {Jung's Collective Unconscious}.


Age/Gender & Location {Required/Post May Be Deleted If Not Provided}: 66 Cocoa, Fl

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search to Help Find Last Post} Yes

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