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I have a pet California King snake named Clio, who's still a baby. In my dream, I was at my grandpas house (he passed away, but I used to live there with him and my dad; it's not uncommon for some of my dreams to take place there). I was in the living room with Clio (in her tank). I don't remember moving her, but she somehow went from being in her tank to a new tank. It was much bigger, probably about 4ftx2ftx3ftand she had grown. My dream as I remember it was me going back and forth to the tank. The first time I went back, there was a baby snake with her that looked like her, but much smaller. I thought it was weird I hadn't known she was pregnant, but I didn't give it any excessive thought. The next time I went back, the baby snake wasn't there with Clio, there was now this ugly, short but thick black snake that looked as if it had a rough exterior. The next time I went back, I remember the tank started to fill up with random reptiles out of no where. That's when I started to be concerned. I remember trying to call my ex (whom I was with when I bought Clio, and who I sometimes reach out to when I have concerns about Clio) but he didn't answer, and by the time I got back to the tank it was starting to really fill up, with barely enough room to fit all the animals. I remember there being all different types of reptiles, but specifically that there were now lots of frogs, all different colors. I remember being really concerned about how fast the frogs were multiplying. This is when I started panicking. As the tank was filled they were starting to try to escape the tank. I was running around, not being able to find anyone, when the top of the tank started to open. I vaguely remember trying to whack some of the ones that had first started to escape with some object, maybe a cane or a bat I don't really remember. I don't remember much of the rest of the dream, but at some point the tank had moved to the backyard, I don't remember how. I'm really confused as to what this could mean. I've dealt with depression and anxiety, but the past two months I've made huge improvements. I'm a really spiritual person if that helps, and I've had my share of paranormal experiences. Ive recently been considering making a blog helping people connect with their own form of spirituality, connecting with that supreme being without having to be apart of organized structured religion, but still taking inspiration from the religions around us to truly understand what God, Allah, the dao, whatever you want to call it is. I've also been doing better in school and maintaining better relationships. I know dream interpretation is more than just symbols, but how it relates to what's relevant in your life, so those are the most relevant aspects of my life right now.

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Re: Snakes/lizards/frogs

It will be Sunday before i will be able to provide an analysis of your dream. I have received your submission form.

I did take a quick look at your dream and a preliminary analysis is as follows {this is only a prelim/my final analysis may change it}.

Look at Clio {your snake} as being you {snakes often symbolize a death and resurrection/rebirth because they loose their skin and grow new}. You are confined to a 'psychological tank' emotionally. The new tank is significant because it represents growth.
Note: the numbers 423 are universal/archetypal numbers because they equal nine. The new sized tank would suggest you have made great strides in some area of your life. Loo at the relationship with your ex and how you 'bounced' back from that. This is where the dream is addressing recent experiences in your life {all dreams have at least two meanings/applications}. The number could be related to your spiritual self because it is an archetypal number.

A deeper aspect {another application} may be addressing those years you grew up in your grandpa's house. This dream statement could be addressing your relationship with him {his house/your dream}. Something new has been born {giving birth} or is needs to be born which could a break through to an emotional issue. That may be related to your troubled relationship with your ex {toxic relationship} and your years growing up in your grandpa's house. Moving back into that environment may have provided some stability in your present life {the stability you had when younger}. That may be what is new, giving new birth, the pregnancy. The past two months you have made big improvements. Look at your life and determine what has facilitated that improvement. This seems to be one aspect the dream is trying to communicate {dreams are your inner self trying to inform your conscious self of emotional issues that need to be resolved}.

I'll provide a more complete analysis Sunday.


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Re: Snakes/lizards/frogs

Here is my interpretation of the images and actions from your dream. This is how I analyze dreams, interpreting the symbolic images/actions in an attempt to recognize emotional patters {dreams are about our emotions}.

-grandpa's house-relationship with grandpa
-in living room with Clio in tank-in same position as Clio/Clio is you
Note: a snake represents new birth/new beginnings. It is often a spiritual symbol/Kundalini
-being in new tank-in new position but with same emotions
-much bigger tank/she had grown-expanding your horizons in adult life
-back and forth to the tank-revolving emotions between past and present
-baby snake/like her/smaller-new part of self that is beginning to form
-did not know she was pregnant-unaware of new aspects within self
-did not give excessive thought-not previously having notion of inner energies
-went back/baby snake not there with Clio/ugly black snake with rough exterior-past emotions/experiences lacking new horizons/unconscious aspects that have affected your personality
-went back/tank started to fill with reptiles out of no where-past experiences repressed emotions

I won't interpret the rest of the dream images/actions since they seem to be about all the reptiles/emotions that you need to sort out.The dream does seem to be addressing the improvements in your emotional life and may because of your spiritual interests {Jung often noted that those patients that discovered their true spiritual identity were able to resolve their emotional conflicts/issues}. The baby snake would be the new aspects that are providing these improvements. You are growing not only as a person and spiritually but also in your ability to manage your emotions/depression. I believe this is an important part of what the dream is attempting to communicate.

But there are still emotional issues from your past that are still unresolved {tank filling up with reptiles, barely enough room to fit all the animals}. This may be pointing to the pressures you feel concerning past experiences {unconsciously} as well as pressures in controlling the depression.This may point to a neurological issue {depression can be a psychological condition as well as neurological}. Are you taking medications for your depression? You have the depression under control but it is still a constant threat. Psychologically you are able to manage the issue partly due to the spiritual aspects but you may need to examine the possible neurological aspects. There may be something from early life you have not yet confronted {negative experiences that were traumatic or really bad}. If not then the neurological aspects may be the problem in controlling your depression. That would require a medical analysis {drugs to help control the depression}.

Look back at your early life and determine if there are/were negative experiences that need resolution. It could involve issues as simple as the relationship with parents {very early life experiences are imprinted on the psyche and can become a motivator later in life}. Or it could be something worse. Your spiritual self is definitely a positive {Jung, a scientist believed in the spiritual aspect with the psyche} and may be helping. Examine your past and see if there is anything that would be represented by the reptiles that needs healing {serpents/reptiles often represent emotional healing}. Psychological issues that need your attention and healing.

Are you taking medications for your depression? Have you seen a medical doctor for it? Or a psychiatrist {a psychologist who can give prescriptions}? If there are neurological issues you need to treat those as well. Dreams not only address the psychological aspects but will also address physical conditions.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa, Fl

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