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In law and money

My dream was of me and hubby, me driving, go to in laws old place of residence. For some reason, I stay in car and wait(can't remember how long). When my husband returns, he returns to passenger seat with a $20,000 bill. Hubby was speechless and all I could think was ... I've never seen a $20,000 bill before. By the way, in laws now live an hour away, and we are not close, never have been, and really only talk in holidays.

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Re: In law and money

Short dreams can have a lot to say but are limited as what can be derived about the intended message. This dream is likely focused on your emotional self in relationship with your husband and your in-laws. Has there been a recent conflict with/about them, something that hasn't been an issue previously but now has taken on or has become a big issue? Your emotions may have taken control in relationship to this experience/conflict. Below is my interpretation of the images and actions.

Note: All dreams have at least two meanings/applications. Usually one is related to recent issues/experiences whereas the other is about past experiences related to personality and personality traits {you are who you are because of early life training/experiences}. This means the images would/could represent two things. Your husband would be his real self but at the same time would represent masculine aspects within you, aspects that are inherent {you are 'married' to these traits because you learned them from early life}.

Interpretation of Images/Actions

-hubby, me driving: being in control of emotions in relationship with in-laws/husband
-old place of residence: past experiences with in-laws
-I stay in car: holding onto a position
-husband returns to passenger seat: husband/masculine self being submissive to emotional self
-with $20,000 bill: very large conflict in your life {number 2 represents conflict/dispute}
-Husband was speechless: masculine self/husband not able to express self
-never saw $20,000 bill: a conflict of enormous value not experienced previously

Further explanation
You driving the car would represent you being in control emotionally. Your husband would represent that relationship and your in-laws would represent the same. But they would also represent inner aspects {traits, aspects within you}. The husband would be masculine aspects/traits and in-laws would represent inner laws that govern your personality. The old place of residence {in-laws who still live there} are feelings/emotions from your past to do with in-laws/inner traits your possess that affect your emotional self. Staying in the car could represent holding on to these traits/views {toward in-laws}, having held onto them for a long time {you do not get along with them because of issues that conflict}. Your husband being speechless would on one hand point to not letting your inner masculine self express itself. The literal possibility would have to do with your husband not expressing himself in some capacity {in a recent experience to do with the issues in conflict/in-laws}.

The $20,000 may have personal associations. The number two is a common number for conflict {opposites} in your life and 20,000 could represent a very large issue that is causing or is a conflict. The fact it is seen as a single bill of value may point to a single issue possibly related to money but could also represent an issue you see as very valuable to how you feel/think. The value aspect could be something within you that is most important and something you can not/will not compromise because it is a inherent trait/characteristic {formed during early life and held on}. Past experiences in your childhood as well as your husband's could be involved. That would involve deeper examination and a need for more personal info {limited personal info allows only a peripheral view of the dream message}.


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