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seeing remodeled bedroom

I was at my mother's house while she was doing home remodeling upstairs. It might have just been my bedroom that she was remodeling and the end result was very elegant in taste. I saw the end result after the visit. described next I was standing in my brother's bedroom when I heard a man from my past ring the doorbell. I think he saw the construction crew outside so it gave him an excuse to come inside to see what's happening. He told my mom that he decided to stop in since he was visiting an old male friend who lived down the street. However, I don't know of anyone he knows who lives on my street. He might have known someone on a sports team from the past, but I'm not sure they were close. So, I was thinking in my dream that it might have been an excuse for him to see my house or me. My mom lead him upstairs and he saw my bedroom. I can't remember if it was in the process of being remodeled or if it was just completed. When he left, he saw an old framed photo of me when I was a kid. I thought maybe this experience gave him a chance to know me a little better since we didn't know each other very well. I was glad that he was interested enough to want to visit. I guess I could have come out to say hello, but I wanted to keep to myself or wasn't ready to say hello to him as in real life.

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Re: seeing remodeled bedroom

I am working on your dream and should have an analysis by tomorrow. Could you provide a little more info about the man in your dream {especially the man you noted in your Dream Submission Form} and how he fits with you and possible experiences with your mother? The dream seems to center on these two images.


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Re: seeing remodeled bedroom

About the man in my dream: I remembered just now that he may have appeared upstairs in hallway with a female neighbor same age who used to live on the same the street from me. She was only in my dream or the hallway for a second, then somehow disappeared. In reality, she is friends wit him but not close. I don't know if she spread any rumors about me to him from my childhood so I have a fear when it comes to her and him in this regard. The framed childhood photo was a profile one that I preferred him to see over other ones since it's hard to make out my geeky face back then. If it makes a difference, my remodeled bedroom was made larger and I noticed elegant furniture and I think a bay window which stuck out more than original window.

I'm not sure if male neighbors who used to live on my street spread crazy rumors about my mother to this man, which could have made him think less of me or think I'm like her in that way. In the dream, I was glad that he got a chance to meet my mother or know a big part of my life before she dies.

Re: seeing remodeled bedroom

I apologize for not providing a final analysis yesterday. I was analyzing the dreams and was almost finished when I had to leave to fulfill other obligations. Here is my final analysis. At the end is my interpretation of the images and actions, something I usually do with every dream.

I sense your dream has bits of conscious speculation mixed with the dream images which makes it more difficult to analyze. I get this impression because some of the dream language is much the same as the personal info and wording you provided in your last post. Having the personal info you provided does help and from that I see there are issues with personal esteem and concerns how people see and think of you. What is not so clear is what other issues with the 'masculine' aspects are being addressed in the dream. On one level {all dreams have at least two meanings/applications} the man represents your animus, your masculine self. I see 'him' {as you} representing a lack of masculine power to overcome the personality issues. Because you and your mother are so much alike in this context is likely one reason she is a part of the dream.

As for details from the dream. Your mother remodeling upstairs likely points to making changes to how you perceive yourself in a mold much like your mother would or has done, or needs to do. Has there been recent shared experiences that would git with this 'remodeling'? Is she making changes in her life, changes that appeal to you or fit with how you would like to do? This part of the dream lays out what the dream message is primarily about, making changes in your life/personality. There does seem to be shared experience/attitudes/traits with your mother in the dream. If you examine that literal part of your life you may gain better understanding of what this means.

The bedroom is a constant image in the dream and understanding what it represents {could represent more than one thing} is important. This is the prime part of you that is being 'remodeled'. One representation of a bedroom is an aspect that is private or kept hidden. It also can represent something sxeual possibly a sexual awakening. It could represent memories from your childhood that you have kept secret and you are now having memories of it {at your age these type things begin to occur, you are entering the mid-life stage where you begin to look back more and look forward less}. Look at the possibilities to the bedroom I have provided and see if any fit.

After the opening statement about remodeling and your mother the dream takes a turn in events and begins to address masculine issues/aspects. Being in your brother's bedroom is the first noting of masculine aspects. Your brother's bedroom could point to an actual experience or an aspect of a relationship with him. Because there is something that awakens you to a memory or experience {ringing doorbell} your brother may possess qualities that remind you of other masculine aspects, past experiences. Something in your conscious life is having work done on it {construction crew on outside} which could fit with changes in personality and or personal attitudes. The excuse for the man coming inside may point to a need for stronger animus qualities but could also relate to other literal experiences involving a man {two meanings to every dream}. The construction on the outside allows for a stronger animus to come out {mayn point to changes you are making, have made or need to make in your life}.

The dream from there seems to point to experiences related to mother and shared experiences/traits/attitudes. Something has come about that leads you to attitudes related to the bedroom {the bedroom's symbolic and possibly literal application}. The lack of masculine qualities {When he left} may have begun in childhood {we all are products of our childhood}. The dream statement, "he saw an old framed photo of me when I was a kid" points to childhood experiences and could be a statement of masculine influences {or lack of} and possibly actual experiences. If so the emotional energies associated with the experiences could be motivators in adult life.

There are also recent experiences/issues being addressing in the dream {the other being the childhood issues}, something you could only know {with my limited info about you and your life}. How does Rob play into the equation {which man is he in the dream?}. Is he someone you knew as a child and again as an adult? Being "glad that he was interested enough to want to visit" in the dream may say something about a literal truth but would also represent your animus/masculine self, you are glad you are confronting this inner aspect so you can learn more about it and let it grow.

What traits do you share with your mother? What experiences also? I get the impression there are esteem issues involved. I also sense from the dream you have an introverted personality {wanted to keep to myself} which may play into the equation. Your desire to be more independent may be a focus of the dream but because of lacking proper masculine aspects it is difficult for you do to so. Meeting the inner male would improve that and that may be what the man in the dream is symbolically representing. At the same time the dream images and language could be saying something about your relationship with Rob, perhaps too shy to confront him about your feelings/interest. You will need t fill in the blanks.

Interpretation of Images/Actions
seeing remodeled bedroom
-understanding/acknowledging and changing hidden emotions

-at mother's house while she was doing remodeling upstairs-re-evaluating relationship with mother
-my bedroom she is remodeling-changes within you related to mother
-end result elegant in taste-more positive relationship
-I saw end result after visit-connecting after changing attitude
-standing in brother's bedroom-unconscious attitudes related to brother
-I heard man from past ring doorbell-awakening to past experiences related to masculine aspects/actual man
-he saw construction crew outside-outer masculine aspects that are being rebuilt
-gave him excuse to come inside-inner emotional issues with masculine aspects
-He told mom he decided to stop in-masculine aspect associated with mother
-he was visiting old male friend down the street-revisiting masculine aspects
-don't know anyone he knows-forgotten/repressed experiences/emotions
-He might have known someone on sports team from past-past masculine experience involving physical contact
-not sure they were very close-not a conscious action
-excuse for him to see my house or me-defense against masculine aspects
-Mom led him upstairs/he saw my bedroom-relationship with mother that are hidden
-remember if being remodeled or completed-not sure whether the changes are enough to make you whole/complete
-when he left-forgotten masculine experiences
-he saw old framed photo of me as child-past experience as a child that needs attention
-chance for him to get to know each other better-understanding masculine aspects better
-glad he was interested enough to visit-having an interest in knowing self/recent experience that prompts interest
-could come out and say hello-letting true aspects come out
-wanted to keep to myself-personality trait/introverted
-not ready to say hello-not able to understand personal attitudes


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa, Fla

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