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I dreamt that I was with my brother shopping in a small local store - local to where I am not sure - he (in waking) lives out of state, so I am not sure if I was where he lives or he was where I live. Anyways, he was checking out making a purchase and he shows me a car magnet saying that he thought of me when he saw it. In the dream, I remember having seen the car magnet and thought it was neat, but hadn't planned on buying it. When my brother mentioned it, I guess I was touched that he thought of me and I decided to purchase it. The magnet was white with thick green letters. It said "Signature" on it - but for some reason, when we both read it, we saw "Spiritual." Also to note: The first "i" in the word had a white center, and was thickly outlined in green (so all the other letters were in solid green, but that I was the only one with a white center.)

The girl behind the register was someone we both knew (In waking I have no idea who she is - but my memory tells me that she is a Korean actress that I have seen before). She rings me out separately for the magnet after I say I will purchase it and the total comes to $1.15. I right away hand her the dollar and then I tell her that I have the 15 cents. I never do that in waking so as not to hold up a line - but no one else was in the store and my brother was having a conversation with her.

I dig out 5 pennies from my wallet and my pennies are really crusty and dirty. I am mentally asking myself why they are so gross, but I give the five cents and tell her that I have a nickel to give her - which I do. The nickel is not as dirty as the pennies though. I dig out what I believe to be another nickel and both the girl and my brother look at me like "are you kidding" and when I look down I say "it's another nickel, see?" I see that neither person can tell that it is a nickel, so I hold up the two coins and place them together figuring to show them a size analysis. I then discover that one coin is quite larger than the nickel, and I realize that it is a quarter. The quarter then turns into an oreo (?) - a chocolate covered oreo not less. I then say "wait, I do still have the remaining 5 cents" and I go back into my change part of my wallet which is filled like crazy with pennies - and dirty, crust laden pennies, leading me to ask myself once again: Why are these coins so dirty? Where did I get them?? I see a wheaty penny in there and I tell myself "You don't want to give that one! You want to keep it!" I fish out 5 cents and place it on the counter (again, something I never do, I would hand money directly to a person) I see that somehow, the wheaty penny made it to the mix and I see it and grab it quickly to replace it with a different penny.

I then woke up.

I have absolutely no idea on what this could possibly be, but I was thinking there was an awful lot of focus on the coinage, and I was thinking that maybe some number meaning may be involved.

I appreciate any thoughts/feedback.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 40 - Buffalo, NY

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Re: Coins

Oooh I just remembered - the reason the white in the first "i" stands out was because that was supposed to be symbolic of Spirit....if that helps in any way!

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 40 - Buffalo, NY - Female

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Re: Coins

My sense of your dream is it is focused on issues of self worth. On the inside you are a good, caring {spiritual?} person but on the outside you have issues with self worth. These issues could stem from life experiences that made you feel dirty which cause the issues of self worth {self esteem?}. Your brother may have some associations with these experiences {may have shared early life environment} but he would also represent your inner masculine aspects. You possess an impoverished impression of yourself which was caused by earlier life experiences. Inner changes {psychological} are needed to overcome these negative emotions. This may be due to negative masculine experiences {male} in early life which would cause a weak 'masculine' aspect {strength to make the needed changes in your psychology}.

Perhaps the best way to describe the dream message {symbolic/metaphorical} would be the dream statement; Why are these coins so dirty? Where did I get them?? I see a wheaty penny in there and I tell myself "You don't want to give that one! You want to keep it!"

The coins would represent your self worth. Why do you feel 'dirty' inside/about yourself? The wheat penny would be your true self {dreams are about the true self, attempting to bring wholeness to the outer life} which is worth a lot more than you feel about yourself. This is the aspect you want to/need to keep and not the negative impressions you have of yourself. The issue does seem to run deep since the dream ends with "the wheaty penny made it to the mix and I see it and grab it quickly to replace it with a different penny." The value of who you really are has been replaced by the negative early life impressions causing feelings of being less than you really are.

As for the Spirit aspect you noted. It could represent innocence {white}, the innocent soul at birth. You are sandwiched between {oreo} conflicting forces {negative experiences in early life that remain in adult life}. It also may point to a spiritual endeavor on your part. Have you sought out spiritual experiences/remedies?


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa, Fla

Re: Coins

Hi Jerry this makes a WHOLE lot of sense. I recognize that I don't feel good about myself and that I see myself in a negative way. I can see the life experiences, too, that have led me to this point as well.

I sincerely appreciate your response.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 40, F, Buffalo, NY

Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Yes

Re: Coins

The analysis, as most do, shines a light on your inner self and the emotional energies that govern your psyche {psychology}. And with all dreams it is but one of at least two {or more} interpretations, my analysis centered on the unconscious energies and another associated with more recent emotional experiences that are related to my analysis. When a trained dream analyst possesses personal information about the dreamer's life, an interpretation of the recent experiences as depicted in the dream {images and actions} can be provided as well. The unconscious aspects are about the foundations, personality and personal attitudes that exist and contribute to the recent experiences. How you act and react to experiences in life are largely dictated by the inner forces.

As for the images and actions in your dream and how they translate into understandable language {dreams have a language primarily of symbol and metaphor but can also address literal as well as personal associations}. The dream title provides clues to the dream message with the coins representing self worth as well as 'changes' needed in your psychology to remedy the self worth issues. The number 5 is a common {if not universal} number for change as well {the number five reflecting a change in your psyche or that you need to alter your psychology}. The number 15 would represent the mental attitude {1+5=6 which represents the body/mind. The number 9 represents spiritual aspects/wholeness}. The $1.15 would represent the ego self {1} that needs a change of attitude {5} so to achieve wholeness of body/mind {6}. The period {.} represents an end to the ego submissive attitude {to unconscious energies/motivators} which will bring about the needed changes of body/mind. Beyond that the dream likely has personal associations with the numbers only you could know {with the limited info I have of you, your age and gender}. But the primary task in analyzing the dream is to discover the primary message, which is about self worth and a needed change of attitude so you can find wholeness and real happiness in life. That is the function of dreams, to help bring about wholeness by informing the dreamer what is out of balance psychologically as well as physically and spiritually. If you are aware of the underlying psychological reasons for why you are who your are then you can make changes where needed and find solutions to what it takes to do that. Just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect, the psyche has the dream that performs the same function.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 66 Cocoa, Fla

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